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Nationality: Northern Water Tribe

Abilities: Combat training

Job History: Chief of the Northern Water Tribe

Relationships: Father of Yue

Episode Appearances: "The Waterbending Master"
"The Siege of the North, Part 1"
"The Siege of the North, Part 2"

Voice Actor: Jon Polito

The wise and powerful leader of the Northern Water Tribe. He was quite happy to have the long absent Avatar present in his homeland, as well as visitors all the way from the Southern Water Tribe. He held a festival in their honor, one that was quickly broken up when the Fire Nation invaded, coming for both the Avatar and to conquer their land at long last.

When Sokka explained the great depths to which he understood the Fire Nation's attack strategies, he decided it best that the young man watch over his daughter Yue during the battle. While Sokka was able to protect Yue from the soldiers, she unfortunately passed away so that the Moon spirit could live again. Chief Arnook was upset, but not disappointed, having had a vision long ago that such a day would come.