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Combustion Man

Nationality: Fire Nation

Abilities: Firebending

Job History: Hitman

Episode Appearances: "The Headband"
"The Beach"
"The Runaway"
"The Western Air Temple"

Voice Actor: Greg Baldwin

Zuko, happy that he'd finally earned the respect of his father, hired a man to track down Aang's friends and make sure that if the Avatar was still alive, he not stay that way for long, lest the prince lose all the favor he'd recently garnered.

A man of few words, or no words at all really, was able to develop his Firebending to such an incredible degree that he did so using only his mind. It's also unique in the fact that it doesn't normally show itself as flames, rather as energy pulses in the air which cause explosions at the targeted area. To reflect the source of his great power, he had a tattoo of a third eye engraved on his forehead.

His very first encounter with Aang was nearly successful, as the Avatar had never come up against such powerful attack strength before. But because the pursuer had never come up against Airbending before, Aang's maneuvers allowed him to escape in one piece. He later decided to employ trickier tactics, kidnapping Katara and Toph to necessitate Aang's approach, but the girls escaped in time to help him defeat the killer a second time. It's in this encounter that they learn of his forehead as a weak spot, which after being struck keeps him from being able to aim his Firebending. It's also in this encounter that Sokka gives him the moniker that sticks with him for the future.

His final stand was at the Western Air Temple, where he simply began blowing the place apart to bury the Avatar and his friends. By this time, Zuko had decided to join Aang, and decommissioned the warrior officially, but he was unswayed to surrender his cause. This would prove to be his undoing, as continuing the battle got him hit in the forehead once again, and forcing his Firebending triggered an explosion he got caught in, only his prosthetic arm being left behind.