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Lo and Li

Nationality: Fire Nation

Job History: Advisors to Princess Azula

Relationships: Sisters

Episode Appearances: "The Avatar State"
"Return to Omashu"
"The Awakening"
"The Beach"
"Sozin's Comet, Part 3: Into the Inferno"

Voice Actor: Takayo Fisher

Having been appointed to aid Azula in her Firebending training as a child, they both relished their role as the Princess's right hands as she grew. It was their idea for Azula to decommission the royal guard and recruit her friends to help capture the Avatar as well as the fugitive Prince Zuko and General Iroh.

Though their loyalty had remained unquestionable throughout Azula's life, her dwindling sanity at the time of her coronation as new Fire Lord had her take their concern for her mental state as insubordination, leading to their banishment from the capital.


Nationality: Southern Water Tribe

Abilities: Waterbending, Plantbending, Bloodbending

Job History: Innkeeper

Relationships: Friend of Kanna

Episode Appearances: "The Puppetmaster"

Voice Actor: Tress MacNeille

One of the strongest Waterbenders of the Southern Water Tribe, who was successfully able to avoid capture by the Fire Nation military for many years. However, as their numbers steadily dwindled, she became outnumbered, and was taken away to a prison.

There, she grew increasingly bitter, and left without the ability to Waterbend, she found other ways of achieving her gift. During the full moon, she found she had the power to manipulate the water inside of the body, inventing the ability of Bloodbending. She would come to master this power, and use it on the prison guards to facilitate her escape.

She would spend the rest of her days in a small village in the Fire Nation, where Aang and his friends would one day meet her. She revealed her place of birth, and wished to teach Katara the many techniques of a Southern Water Tribe bender, as well as find kinship in the granddaughter of Kanna, a woman she knew well all those years ago. Katara learned many things from her, including the horror she inflicted on the townspeople to exact revenge for how the Fire Nation treated her kind. This forced Katara to use Bloodbending in order to save Aang and Sokka from the old lady, and have her locked away for her evil deeds.


Nationality: Fire Nation

Abilities: Swordsmanship

Job History: Butler

Relationships: Employee of Piandao

Episode Appearances: "Sokka's Master"

Voice Actor: Chris Butler

Piandao's loyal right hand, providing everything from food preparation to gardening, as well as acting as a sparring partner for all of Piandao's pupils. Having once been one of Piandao's pupils himself, any youth that manages to outdo Fat in a duel has proven themselves worthy of graduation.

Chit Sang

Nationality: Fire Nation

Abilities: Firebending

Job History: Prison inmate

Episode Appearances: "The Boiling Rock, Part 1"
"The Boiling Rock, Part 2"
"The Southern Raiders"

Voice Actor: Ezekial Rollins

An imposing figure imprisoned at the Boiling Rock for a crime he maintained that he didn't commit. He was treated very poorly by the guards, but he always kept up his defiant nature no matter what punishments it entailed. He invited himself into Sokka and Zuko's escape plan, but when things go awry, the two back off and Chit Sang goes ahead, trying in vain to get himself, his girlfriend and his best buddy off of the island before they're all caught and returned.

After realizing the error of his ways, he decides to stick to Sokka's next plan, and provides a prison riot as a distraction that ultimately allows for them all to escape from the Boiling Rock, becoming the first ever inmates to do so.

On Ji

Nationality: Fire Nation

Job History: Fire Nation Academy student

Relationships: Girlfriend of Hide, friend of Shoji

Episode Appearances: "The Headband"

Voice Actor: Tinashe Kachingwe

A spirited young girl who took to Aang after his enrollment at her school. While everyone else in the class had reservations about him, she always stuck up for him, especially when Hide tried to bully him. During a dance party Aang was holding, she was the first to join in.


Nationality: Fire Nation

Job History: Fire Nation Academy student

Relationships: Friend of On Ji

Episode Appearances: "The Headband"

Voice Actor: Noah Luke

A happy boy like Aang, who was very intrigued by his dancing ability. When Aang wished to show him more, he was a bit hesitant, telling Aang that their people don't regularly engage in such wild behavior. But Aang persisted, throwing an entire dance party for their class, eventually breaking Shoji out of his shell, to an extent. When the headmaster arrived to break it up, Shoji puts on a headband like Aang's to confuse the faculty between them.


Nationality: Fire Nation

Abilities: Firebending

Job History: Fire Nation Academy student

Relationships: Boyfriend of On Ji

Episode Appearances: "The Headband"

Voice Actor: Matthew Underwood

The school bully, with which Aang had an altercation. After he got friendly with On Ji, Hide started a fight with him to remind him to stay away from her, which got Aang into trouble with the headmaster. Not feeling discouraged, Aang later held a dance party for everyone in class, which Hide took as an opportunity to get Aang kicked out of school. He led the headmaster to the event, but Aang managed to disappear into the crowd.

Ms. Kwan

Nationality: Fire Nation

Job History: Fire Nation Academy teacher

Episode Appearances: "The Headband"

Voice Actor: Jeanne Sakata

A strict disciplinarian in her classroom, convinced her teachings will bring about the best and brightest students, such as the many Fire Nation military generals she's instructed. She came down hard on Aang whenever he did anything even remotely resembling disrespect, insisting he sit up straight, learn the Fire Nation Oath, and stop concocting false points in history, which were actually true because of Aang's deceptively advanced age.


Nationality: Fire Nation

Job History: Headmaster of the Fire Nation Academy

Relationships: Boss of Ms. Kwan

Episode Appearances: "The Headband"

Voice Actor: Jim Ward

The literal interpretation of a drill sergeant, having served as one in the Fire Nation Army before coming to work at the school. His greatest desire was to see slacker students punished, a mold which Aang fit perfectly. After a parent-teacher conference with a disguised Sokka and Katara, he threatened to send Aang to work in the coal mines if he ever acted out again, which he did by throwing a dance party. But when he and his truant officers went to break up the event, Aang had already left, never to see the headmaster again.


Nationality: Fire Nation

Relationships: Good friend of Ruon-Jian

Episode Appearances: "The Beach"

Voice Actor: Erik Von Detten

One of the most popular teenagers on Ember Island, Chan is a handsome and suave guy whose only interest is talking up beautiful women. He's initially attracted to Ty Lee, and invites her to a party at his house which Azula manages to butt herself into. Once there, Ty Lee gives Azula some pointers to tickle Chan's fancy, which works well until her natural habits scare the ashes out of Chan and he awkwardly steps away from her. Later, Zuko starts a fight and Chan kicks him out, an event which prompts all four friends to trash the house and get Chan in huge trouble for throwing a party against his family's rules.


Nationality: Fire Nation

Relationships: Good friend of Chan

Episode Appearances: "The Beach"

Voice Actor: Ross Thomas

Chan's best friend, who has perfect hair forever. Once the girls arrived at Chan's house party, Ruon-Jian steadily hit on Mai, grating on Zuko's nerves to the point where he shoved the guy into an antique vase. Chan kicked Zuko out, and his buddy taunted the Fire Nation Prince as he made his exit.


Nationality: Fire Nation

Job History: Ferryman, fishmonger

Relationships: Brother of Xu and Bushi

Episode Appearances: "The Painted Lady"

Voice Actor: Paul Eiding

Dock seems to have received his name from ferrying people across the rivers of his village for many years. But because the river water was polluted, drinking from it all those years had a profound effect on his mental state, as he believed he was his own twin brother Xu, who he claimed to be every time he sold fish from the river to customers. He adopted another identity, Bushi, when he prepared to help Aang and his friends clean the lake from the years of pollution caused by the factory.