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Nationality: Fire Nation

Abilities: Firebending

Job History: Fire Lord of the Fire Nation

Relationships: Father of Iroh and Ozai, son of Sozin, grandfather of Zuko, Azula and Lu Ten

Episode Appearances: "Zuko Alone"

Voice Actor: Walker Edmiston

Following in his father's footsteps proved to be quite natural for young Azulon, as he sought to conquer more land in the name of the Fire Nation. Viewing Waterbending as the greatest threat to their power, he commissioned the forming of the Southern Raiders crew to travel to the South Pole and steadily rid its people of Waterbenders, ultimately leaving the Southern Water Tribe downtrodden.

While his military success was great, his family life suffered. He lost his eldest grandson in the battle to breach the walls of Ba Sing Se, and when Ozai suggested he replace his older brother as heir to the throne, Azulon staunchly rejected the idea, so angry at the thought of it that he demanded Ozai kill his own son to know what it felt like.

That night, he met with a demise known only to his youngest son and daughter-in-law, and a lie was spread that his dying wish was to pass the title of Fire Lord on to Ozai.


Nationality: Fire Nation

Job History: Princess of the Fire Nation

Relationships: Wife of Ozai, mother of Zuko and Azula, daughter of Rina and Jinzuk, granddaughter of Avatar Roku and Ta Min

Character History: The Graphic Novel

Episode Appearances: "Zuko Alone"

Voice Actor: Jen Cohn

Ozai's dutiful wife, always choosing what made him happy in order to keep her own life peaceful. She found great purpose in her role as mother, forming a deep bond with Zuko and a strained relationship with Azula, who constantly tested her patience, as well as the patience of nearly everyone she encountered. By spying on Ozai's meeting with Azulon, Azula taunted her brother with the news that he was to be killed in order to punish Ozai, forcing Zuko to ask his mother if it was the truth. Ursa calmed him, but had enacted a plan to ensure the life of her beloved first born, killing Fire Lord Azulon and disappearing from the Fire Nation shortly afterward, the last words she ever spoke to her family being with Zuko.

Lu Ten

Nationality: Fire Nation

Abilities: Combat training

Job History: Fire Nation soldier

Relationships: Son of Iroh

Episode Appearances: "Bitter Work"
"The Beach"

Voice Actor: Mae Whitman

The departed son of General Iroh, losing his life during the six-hundred day siege of Ba Sing Se. The relationship he shared with his father was as strong as they came, and this event would mark a deep and profound change in his father. Iroh called off the entire operation in response, and even openly accepted the crowning of his younger brother Ozai as Fire Lord in his place. Iroh's life, though remaining intertwined with the actions of the Fire Nation, became a tranquil and reflective one as tribute to a boy lost in war.