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Nationality: Southern Water Tribe

Abilities: Waterbending, Plantbending, Bloodbending, healing

Relationships: Daughter of Hakoda and Kya, sister of Sokka, granddaughter of Kanna, good friend of Aang, Toph and Zuko

Character History: The Graphic Novel
The Legend of Korra

Episode Appearances: All (Except "Zuko Alone")

Voice Actor: Mae Whitman

The war had a profound impact on Katara's life, starting with raids by the Fire Nation that imprisoned every Waterbender in their village, eventually leaving her as the only one. When that status threatened her own life, her mother was forced to identify herself as that final Waterbender, and was sadly killed in the struggle. Following this event, her father and all the able-bodied men of the village left the South Pole to join the war effort and bring down the Fire Nation for their cruelty, leaving Katara and her brother Sokka with their grandmother as the only family they had left. With this burden of responsibility, Katara became very motherly to all of the children in the village, even to her older brother, doing all of the cooking, cleaning and nurturing for what remained of their tribe.

While out fishing for dinner, Sokka annoys her so greatly that she unwittingly Waterbends a glacier behind her that frees Aang and Appa from their cryogenic suspension. Knowing that she has a gift, she decides to follow Aang on his journey for a Waterbending teacher so she too may unlock the rest of her abilities. Along the way, they crossed paths with pirates who had stolen a rare Waterbending scroll. Taking it from them, she was able to teach herself and Aang many valuable techniques.

Upon arrival at the North Pole, Katara was met with great disappointment when Aang's new Waterbending master Pakku refused to teach her as well, declaring women never be taught offensive skills. This infuriated Katara, who swallowed it only until Aang was banned from his classes for trying to teach her what he had learned. When he refused to take Aang back, Katara boiled over and attacked him, the two Waterbenders having a great duel that impressed Pakku, and when the fight ended, Katara's necklace fell off. When Pakku noticed it, he realized it was the one he'd made for Katara's grandmother who'd left the Northern Water Tribe as a young woman. This confirmed to him that his duty was to teach Katara.

After Katara showed even more promise than the Avatar himself at Waterbending, Pakku left the role of his teacher to her. She continued to work with Aang while he sought out an Earthbending teacher, eventually settling on a spoiled rich girl named Toph. Due to her brutish nature and desire to assert her independence, she didn't mix with Katara's hovering and politeness very well, but the two were able to bury the hatchet when Katara understands her not getting along with her peers due to their preoccupation with beauty, something she was unaware of, having been born blind. Katara's desire to watch out for her finally doesn't seem so bad, coming from a place of genuine caring rather than pity.

With the knowledge of the eclipse in hand, the group informs the Earth King so they can strike the Fire Nation at their weakest moment. Zuko and Azula join forces to cease the Earth Kingdom's plans, and Azula nearly kills Aang with a lightning bolt. Katara gets him out of the city and uses water she was given from the Spirit Oasis in the North to heal his mortal wound, bringing the Avatar back to life, who doesn't fully awaken until they're well within Fire Nation territory. There, the group blends in as Fire Nation citizens, where she runs into an old woman named Hama, who recognized her as a Waterbender. She too was from the Southern Water Tribe, having escaped from a Fire Nation prison, and wished to pass her knowledge on to the next generation. This included a cruel technique known as Bloodbending, which Katara didn't even know she had mastered until she was forced to use it to save Sokka and Aang from Hama.

She would only once willingly use this art when Zuko endears himself to her by leading her to Yon Rha, the man responsible for her mother's death. She tortured and nearly killed him, but chose to uphold the woman her mother was, and let him suffer in the misery his life had become. She returns Zuko's favor during the Agni Kai between he and his sister, where she plays a key role in her defeat and his subsequent crowning as Fire Lord.