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Nationality: Earth Kingdom

Job History: 52nd king of the Earth Kingdom

Relationships: Owner of Bosco

Character History: The Graphic Novel

Episode Appearances: "The Earth King"
"The Guru"
"The Crossroads of Destiny"
"The Awakening"

Voice Actor: Phil LaMarr

Having taken the throne as only a toddler, he wasn't in full command of his country for many years, and after reaching a competent age to rule, he was purposefully sheltered in order for Long Feng to continue wielding total control of the Earth Kingdom. This left Kuei with a very childlike nature, playing with his veritable zoo of creatures from throughout the land, none more important to him than his beloved bear, Bosco.

When the Avatar arrived in Ba Sing Se, he wasn't allowed to meet with the Earth King despite repeated requests. With time quickly slipping away, he and his friends chose to fight off an immense number of guards simply to come face to face with Kuei, then worked twice as hard to convince him that there was a war going on all these years that had claimed countless lives outside their walls. When Kuei found out how much he'd been kept from, he ordered Long Feng be arrested and kept the children on as advisers for the plan to combat the menacing Fire Nation.

Unfortunately, by this point Azula had her own plans set in motion, and used Kyoshi Warrior disguises to sneak into the city unnoticed. She, Mai and Ty Lee were able to reach the palace by playing on Sokka's trust, and threatened Kuei's life if they did not surrender. They managed to escape with the king unharmed, but abandoning the throne left Ba Sing Se to the Fire Nation, and essentially, the entire Earth Kingdom along with it. No longer having anything to lose in the current state of events, Kuei decided to travel with Bosco throughout the world, so they both could figure out how to exist properly, and experience all that they'd never had the chance to know.