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Long Feng

Nationality: Earth Kingdom

Abilities: Earthbending, hypnosis

Job History: Grand Secretariat of Ba Sing Se, commander of the Dai Li

Relationships: Subordinate of Earth King Kuei

Episode Appearances: "City of Walls and Secrets"
"Lake Laogai"
"The Earth King"
"The Guru"
"The Crossroads of Destiny"

Voice Actor: Clancy Brown

Having begun life as the son of a simple merchant, he was plucked from obscurity for his Earthbending talent at a young age, and raised to become a member of the Dai Li. Following his stint as a faithful and hard worker, he was promoted to the royal end of affairs, eventually finding his place as the top advisor of the Earth King himself. This power quickly went to Long Feng's head, and he began to twist his role so that he was actually in command of all matters pertaining to Ba Sing Se, not the king.

Political matters started to threaten the power he held over the city, as the war intensified and drove Earth Kingdom refugees to take shelter behind Ba Sing Se's legendary walls. Long Feng was able to use the walls to his advantage, and instituted brainwashing techniques so that anyone who mentioned the war would soon forget they ever knew about it. Through the Dai Li's careful watch, the new citizens quickly learned that they shouldn't say anything that ran counter to the ideals of society.

The Avatar's arrival would be his undoing, as Long Feng incorporated every dirty trick in the book to keep Aang from the Earth King, all meeting with failure to overcome the young boy's resolve. By proving the existence of the Fire Nation drill, King Kuei had Long Feng arrested, and even when the Dai Li upheld their loyalty to him, the successful coup by Princess Azula gave them the idea to swear new fealty to her, transforming Long Feng into the humble servant he once was.