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Nationality: Fire Nation

Abilities: Knife throwing

Relationships: Sister of Tom-Tom, girlfriend of Zuko, good friend of Azula and Ty Lee

Character History: The Graphic Novel

Episode Appearances: "Return to Omashu"
"The Chase"
"The Drill"
"Appa's Lost Days"
"The Guru"
"The Crossroads of Destiny"
"The Awakening"
"The Headband"
"The Beach"
"Nightmares and Daydreams"
"The Boiling Rock, Part 2"
"Sozin's Comet, Part 4: Avatar Aang"

Voice Actor: Cricket Leigh

Only daughter of a wealthy family for many years, Mai was doted on and forced to obey strict rules about primness and decorum, which she rebelled against silently by throwing knives at her wall to kill the monotony. It wasn't until she met Azula and Ty Lee that she began to have anything she could remotely refer to as fun.

Years passed, and the girls drifted away with the changing tides of their respective families, until her father was appointed as governor of Omashu following the Fire Nation army's seizure of the city. Once in the Earth Kingdom, Azula recruited her to help capture the Avatar, a mission she relished simply to insert some excitement into her life. This allowed her to eventually cross paths with Zuko again, and because the two had grown up with crushes on one another, they finally decided to start dating.

A rocky relationship if there ever was one, but some of Mai's happiest moments, or only happy moments, came from the time she spent with Zuko. But with his constant soul searching, something had to give, and when he'd decided to join the fight against his own father, he broke things off with her to ensure she didn't get caught in the political firestorm that would erupt. This wouldn't last, however, because when Zuko aided Sokka in the infiltration of the Boiling Rock, she attacked the prison guards to enable their escape, which subsequently had her arrested by Azula's direct command.

After Ozai and Azula were both defeated, Mai was freed from prison with Zuko as the new Fire Lord, and the two were officially reunited.