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Master Yu

Nationality: Earth Kingdom

Abilities: Earthbending

Job History: Owner of Earthbending school, bounty hunter

Relationships: Sifu of Toph, partner of Xin Fu

Episode Appearances: "The Blind Bandit"
"The Desert"
"The Earth King"
"The Guru"

Voice Actor: Sab Shimono

One of the best Earthbenders in Gaoling, Yu was hired by Lao Beifong to give his daughter private lessons, though told to hold back by only showcasing basic Earthbending stances. This was fine with him, as he was far more interested in getting paid for his time than passing on his knowledge. He once ran his own Earthbending Academy, offering one free lesson to everyone in town, of which the Avatar once accepted, though his business practices left a sour taste in Aang's mouth.

When Toph goes missing, he's hired by her father to bring her home, forcibly teamed with Xin Fu in order to do so. They eventually catch up to her in Ba Sing Se, and trap her in a cage made of metal so she can't Earthbend to escape, but her adept discovery of Metalbending leaves the bounty hunters in awe, ultimately getting them trapped in that same cage.