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Nationality: Eastern Air Temple

Abilities: Meditation

Relationships: Guru of Aang, good friend of Gyatso

Episode Appearances: "Appa's Lost Days"
"The Guru"

Voice Actor: Brian George

A wandering spiritual teacher connected to all the energy of the universe. Coming from such an enlightened background, nothing seemed to take him by surprise, including the re-emergence of the Avatar. Aware of his return, Pathik trekked to the Eastern Air Temple to await his arrival there. Instead, he received an upset Appa, who after having been kidnapped was hoping to find Aang. Pathik calmed the sky bison and used his infinite wisdom to show Appa where Aang was, while also giving him a note to deliver to the boy.

Aang received the guru's note and met him at the Eastern Air Temple, where Pathik wished to show him how to maintain his sense of self while in the Avatar State. By unlocking the seven chakras, one can become boundless in the strength of their soul, but they must also relinquish all feelings of attachment at the end of that road. Because Aang was unwilling to give up his feelings for Katara, he halted the process and severed his connection to the Avatar State. Pathik warned him against continuing in this condition, but Aang departed regardless.