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Nationality: Northern Water Tribe

Relationships: Mother of Hakoda, grandmother of Sokka and Katara, wife of Pakku

Episode Appearances: "The Boy in the Iceberg"
"The Avatar Returns"

Voice Actor: Melendy Britt

She grew up a member of the Northern Water Tribe, but after being arranged to marry Pakku, and seeing how he viewed the role of women in their society, she fled to the Southern Water Tribe to be free of her duties. There, she made many friends, and was eventually married to the chief of her village, who would pass his role onto their son Hakoda when he came of age, while she passed down the necklace Pakku made for her to Hakoda's wife.

When Kya was killed and Hakoda left the South Pole to fight in the war, Kanna became the caretaker for both Katara and Sokka, whom affectionately call her Gran Gran. Katara learned the most from her, including her kind heart and her desire to venture out into the world. She allowed her grandchildren to join Aang on his journey to the North Pole, where they met Pakku, and inspired him to visit the South Pole to help rebuild the Southern Water Tribe. He and Kanna were reunited, and were finally married soon after.


Nationality: Southern Water Tribe

Relationships: Wife of Hakoda, mother of Sokka and Katara

Episode Appearances: "The Southern Raiders"

Voice Actor: Grey DeLisle

The Southern Water Tribe raids by the Fire Nation had robbed them of Waterbenders for years, but when the last among them was revealed to be Katara, Kya had to stand to make sure she wasn't taken as well. When Yon Rha came for who that Waterbender could be, Kya lied by saying she was who he was after. Unfortunately for her, Yon Rha preferred to kill her rather than capture her.


Nationality: Southern Water Tribe

Relationships: Fiancée of Avatar Kuruk

Episode Appearances: "Sozin's Comet, Part 2: The Old Masters"

She met Kuruk during the New Moon Festival, where the Northern and Southern Water Tribes mingled, and the two quickly fell in love. They were to be married at the North Pole's Spirit Oasis, where a vengeful spirit named Koh dragged her beneath the mystical waters to punish Kuruk. Koh would go on to wear her face as one of his many trophies throughout the afterlife.