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Flying Bison

Nationality: Air temples

Abilities: Airbending, flight

Relationships: Companion to Aang

Episode Appearances: All (Except "Zuko Alone"
"The Desert"
"The Serpent's Pass"
"The Drill"
"City of Walls and Secrets"
"Tales of Ba Sing Se"
"The Boiling Rock, Part 2" and
"The Ember Island Players")

Voice Actor: Dee Bradley Baker

Synonymous with Airbenders, these creatures also known as sky bison have lived amongst Air Temples for generations, many being chosen by the monks to serve as their animal guides. After the Fire Nation laid waste to the Air Temples, Avatar Aang's flying bison Appa become the very last of its kind. These are the creatures thought to have invented the concept of Airbending.

Winged Lemur

Nationality: Air temples

Abilities: Flight

Relationships: Pet of Aang

Episode Appearances: All (Except "Zuko Alone")

Voice Actor: Dee Bradley Baker

Much like the flying bison, winged lemurs were also commonly found at Air Temples, are were also thought extinct after the Fire Nation's ambush. Avatar Aang's winged lemur Momo seems to have been the only one left in the world, though how it survived remains unknown. The membrane under their arms allows them to fly, and they're constantly looking for food.


Nationality: Fire Nation

Abilities: Firebending, flight

Relationships: Companions to Roku and Sozin, sifu of the Sun Warriors

Episode Appearances: "Winter Solstice, Part 1: The Spirit World"
"The Avatar State"
"The Avatar and the Fire Lord"
"The Firebending Masters"

Regarded by the Sun Warriors as the first Firebenders. Dragons are thought to be difficult to tame, so those that manage to control the beasts are regarded by the Fire Nation as the most powerful Firebenders among them. Fire Lord Sozin turned the hunting of dragons into a sport, resulting in their near extinction, however at least two have remained, hiding out amongst the Sun Warriors for their own protection.


Nationality: Earth Kingdom

Abilities: Earthbending

Job History: Stagehands at Earth Rumble arena

Relationships: Sifu of Toph, sifu of Oma and Shu

Episode Appearances: "The Cave of Two Lovers"
"The Blind Bandit"

Denizens of the underground, evolution has rendered these mighty beasts blind. To feel their way through the world, they developed Earthbending to culture a realm all their own. This compensation to account for their loss is what endeared a group of them to Toph, and vice versa. They apparently hear very well, as they have a penchant for music. What they greatly dislike are wolf-bats, which also tend to take residence where they make their tunnels.

Komodo Rhino

Nationality: Fire Nation

Job History: Transportation of Fire Nation military

Relationships: Ferry for the Rough Rhinos

Episode Appearances: "The Kyoshi Warriors"
"Winter Solstice, Part 1: The Spirit World"
"The Blue Spirit"
"The Siege of the North, Part 2"
"Avatar Day"
"The Desert"
"The Day of Black Sun, Part 1: The Invasion"

Powerful in both stature and strength, the Fire Nation has made use of these mighty animals in numerous ways, from training exercises to battle mounts. With their thick skin and clawed hooves, they are not easily toppled.


Nationality: Fire Nation

Abilities: Scaling walls, walking on water

Job History: Transportation of Fire Nation military

Relationships: Ferry for Princess Azula, Mai and Ty Lee

Episode Appearances: "The Chase"
"Appa's Lost Days"

Being low to the ground, these creatures can move quickly and stealthily. Their most heralded ability stems from being able to scale walls and skim across the surface as water at the same rate of speed.


Nationality: Earth Kingdom

Abilities: Scaling walls

Job History: Transportation

Relationships: Ferry for Zuko

Episode Appearances: "Winter Solstice, Part 1: The Spirit World"
"The Avatar State"
"The Cave of Two Lovers"
"Avatar Day"
"Zuko Alone"
"The Chase"

Indispensable tools for generations, the ostrich-horse is the main transport for many people, as they are generally docile and easy to train. The Earth Kingdom military even equips them with battle armor to use in combat situations. They can run up sheer walls without effort.

Messenger Hawk

Nationality: Fire Nation

Abilities: Flight, homing

Job History: Couriers for Fire Nation military

Relationships: Pet of Sokka

Episode Appearances: "The Blue Spirit"
"The Bridge"
"The Beach"
"The Runaway"

Trained by Fire Nation soldiers to deliver messages over long distances, they have also been used by as high up as the royal family and down to ordinary townspeople. Sokka once purchased one he named Hawky that was used to reassure Toph's mother and father of her safety.


Nationality: Earth Kingdom

Abilities: Unlimited olfactory senses, paralyzing saliva

Job History: Bounty hunter

Relationships: Pet of June

Episode Appearances: "Bato of the Water Tribe"
"Sozin's Comet, Part 2: The Old Masters"

While this species is completely blind, it possesses the most powerful nose imaginable, able to smell anything in particular for many miles, possibly continents away. They also have a defense mechanism should they sense danger, and by licking their opponent, agents in their saliva can paralyze the target temporarily. If a shirshu is bombarded by too many scents at once, it can grow heavily irritated and uncontrollable.


Nationality: Earth Kingdom

Abilities: High intellect

Relationships: Companion to Earth King Kuei

Episode Appearances: "City of Walls and Secrets"
"The Earth King"
"The Guru"
"The Crossroads of Destiny"

A highly rare species known as the bear, Bosco is Earth King Kuei's loyal pet and best friend. He's spoiled rotten by his owner, dressing in human clothes and only fed the world's finest cuisine. He's very spirited and likes to be entertained constantly.


Nationality: Earth Kingdom

Abilities: Brute strength

Job History: Slave to Fire Nation military

Relationships: Pet of King Bumi

Episode Appearances: "The King of Omashu"
"Return to Omashu"

Voice Actor: Kevin Michael Richardson

A goat-gorilla who's far nicer than its appearance would indicate. Bumi once used this beast in a test for Aang to catch it, who didn't know how to until he realized he needed to call it by name. After the fall of Omashu, the Fire Nation took it for themselves and put it to work doing back-breaking labor. It was later freed by Aang and his friends.


Nationality: Unknown

Abilities: Energybending, telepathy

Episode Appearances: "Sozin's Comet, Part 2: The Old Masters"

Voice Actor: Kevin Michael Richardson

Considered to be the oldest known animals on the planet, their size and strength eventually evolved to the point that they became islands unto themselves, quite literally. Their majesty has inspired countless works of art seen around the world. While many creatures are heralded for inventing elemental bending, the lion-turtle seems to have created the very concept of bending itself, focusing not on the power of nature around one's self, but the power within. This incredible wisdom has granted them the gift of speaking with any other species, including humans, by connecting with their mind. The last of his kind, one lion-turtle was able to teach Aang how to achieve Energybending.


Nationality: Fire Nation

Abilities: Flight

Relationships: Pet of the pirate captain

Episode Appearances: "The Waterbending Scroll"
"The Waterbending Master"

Faithful companion to the pirate captain, capable of flight as well as fulfilling any task it's asked to do. It once got into a fight with Momo over the Waterbending scroll Katara learns from, but Momo was able to outsmart it and get away.


Nationality: Earth Kingdom

Relationships: Pet of Tho and Due

Episode Appearances: "The Swamp"

A bottom-feeding creature of the Foggy Swamp, though the large size, sharp teeth and aggressive attitude would make one think otherwise.

Sea Serpent

Nationality: Earth Kingdom

Episode Appearances: "The Serpent's Pass"
"The Awakening"

A large ocean dweller so greatly feared by man, that the only land passage to Ba Sing Se was named after it, with a warning to "abandon all hope" should one run into it. Once it locks its sights onto prey, it will never give up its pursuit.

Canyon Crawler

Nationality: Earth Kingdom

Abilities: Scaling walls

Episode Appearances: "The Great Divide"

Dangerous creatures hidden inside the walls of the Great Divide, a vast span of the western Earth Kingdom that is virtually unable to be traversed without the aid of a canyon guide. With a canyon crawler's incredible sense of smell, any edibles brought through the Great Divide will attract them and arouse their offensive capabilities. They can be tamed by blinding them, and become agreeable enough to even ride around on.


Nationality: Earth Kingdom

Abilities: Oral geysers

Episode Appearances: "The Warriors of Kyoshi"

Found in the waters surrounding Kyoshi Island, this carnivore only rises to the water's surface in order to hunt for food. It disables its prey with powerful streams of water that erupt from its throat. It's known to be extremely ill-tempered.


Nationality: Earth Kingdom

Abilities: Spontaneous egg-laying

Job History: Circus performers

Relationships: Inspector for Earth Kingdom customs agents

Episode Appearances: "The Fortuneteller"
"Return to Omashu"
"The Serpent's Pass"
"Tales of Ba Sing Se"
"Appa's Lost Days"

A highly vicious creature in the wild, it's no surprise how good they make for destroying illicit goods when properly trained by Earth Kingdom officers. While displaying what would otherwise be mammalian features, it actually lays eggs.


Nationality: Earth Kingdom

Abilities: Flight

Episode Appearances: "The Desert"
"Appa's Lost Days"

They dwell inside dark hives dug into the rocks of the Si Wong Desert. They secrete honey that they line the walls with, though it doesn't taste very good to humans. If they feel threatened or hungry, they will attack.

Saber-Tooth Moose Lion

Nationality: Earth Kingdom

Abilities: Fetching

Relationships: Acquaintance of Sokka

Episode Appearances: "Bitter Work"

A species highly protective of its young. Sokka once attempted to catch and eat one, but when trapped in a hole, what was originally his prey ended up being a friend to him, even going so far as to find him food when he was unable to do so himself. When its mother attacked out of fear for it, it took multiple blasts of wind from Aang before it finally relented and hurried away with the cub.


Nationality: Southern Water Tribe

Job History: Rides in Penguin Sledding

Episode Appearances: "The Boy in the Iceberg"
"The Avatar Returns"

While seemingly not interested in humans, the use of fish to use as bait can easily get them to agree to play in Penguin Sledding, a fun way to pass the time in the Water Tribe climates.


Nationality: Fire Nation

Abilities: Flight

Relationships: Pet of Combustion Man

Episode Appearances: "The Beach"

Voice Actor: Dee Bradley Baker

A powerful bird that intercepted a messenger hawk's note revealing the Avatar's location to Fire Nation officials, giving the message to Combustion Man instead so he could conduct his hunt without interference.


Nationality: Earth Kingdom

Episode Appearances: "Tales of Ba Sing Se"
"Appa's Lost Days"

Small carnivorous felines native to urban areas. They are regarded as something of a delicacy, strays often being sold to butchers.


Nationality: Earth Kingdom

Abilities: Flight

Episode Appearances: "The Cave of Two Lovers"

Noctural creatures that reside within the Cave of Two Lovers. They are known to be both vicious and highly territorial. They are the natural enemy of badger-moles.

Purple Pentapus

Nationality: Earth Kingdom

Abilities: Surface adhesion

Episode Appearances: "Return to Omashu"

Sewer-dwelling mollusks that leave a distinct physical impression with their suction cups.


Nationality: Earth Kingdom

Episode Appearances: "The Kyoshi Warriors"

Gigantic fish that majestically leap and skip upon the surface of the ocean. This motion is what attracts thrill seekers to hop onto them and ride them to and from shorelines. They share a habitat with the Unagi, who considers them prey.

Cabbage Slug

Nationality: Earth Kingdom

Abilities: Accelerated crop eating

Episode Appearances: "The Serpent's Pass"

While not a danger to humans in any immediate sense, the reproductive abilities of this mollusk make it a nightmare to food stores, burrowing deep inside vegetation to hide and eating its way out. If not found quickly, a horde of them could devastate a harvest.