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Nationality: Northern Water Tribe

Job History: Princess of the Northern Water Tribe

Relationships: Daughter of Arnook, girlfriend of Sokka, fiancée of Hahn

Episode Appearances: "The Waterbending Master"
"The Siege of the North, Part 1"
"The Siege of the North, Part 2"
"The Awakening"

Voice Actor: Johanna Braddy

Born with an undiagnosable illness that would soon claim her life, her father took her to the Spirit Oasis and pleaded with the Moon spirit to save his daughter's life. Tui agreed to this, and channeled part of its own life energy into Yue, turning her hair from black to stark white.

She reigned over her people as princess for sixteen years before the Fire Nation's attack on the Northern Water Tribe, where Admiral Zhao took the opportunity to kill Tui and leave all Waterbenders powerless. With the Moon spirit dead, Yue did the only thing she could think of, returning the life energy she'd received to Tui, reviving it and turning her into a disembodied spirit in the process.

She would continue to appear to Aang at his lowest points, once to bring him back to life after being struck by lightning, and again to rescue him from the vicious surf during a thunderstorm.