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Katara and Aang return to her village, where everyone saw the flare go off. Knowing that the Fire Nation could be on their way to the peaceful settlement, Sokka exiles Aang from the Southern Water Tribe. Katara's upset, and berates her brother and grandmother for coming down so hard on him. As Aang departs, he sees Zuko's ship approaching the tribe, and goes back to help them fight.

Zuko arrives on the scene, and demands the people bring the Avatar to him. Sokka attacks him multiple times, but the prince is able to deflect his moves easily. When he grabs Sokka's grandmother, confusing her for the Avatar, Sokka gets in a lucky hit that enrages Zuko. Just as he's about to resort to his Firebending techniques, Aang appears and saves everyone. Zuko is shocked to see the Avatar he's been after is a little boy instead of an old man, and the villagers are shocked to learn the boy they met was actually the Avatar all along. While Aang is able to hold his own against the Fire Nation soldiers, their Firebending puts the villagers in danger, so Aang surrenders to Zuko in order to keep them safe.

Katara and Sokka decide to rescue Aang, now knowing he's the Avatar and the world's last chance for peace. Though their canoe is far too slow to catch up to Zuko's ship, Appa flies in and carries them the rest of the way. Meanwhile, Aang uses his Airbending trickery to knock out the guards and break his bonds. He returns above deck, where he's grabbed by Zuko, and the two duel. Just as Katara and Sokka arrive, avoiding Zuko's Firebending causes Aang to fall overboard, directly into freezing water. This sudden shock drives Aang into a magical transformation, where he glows and commands incredible Waterbending abilities that splash all of the Fire Nation soldiers into the water before Aang passes out from the stress. Katara scoops him up and Appa flies away. Zuko vows never to underestimate the Avatar again.

Katara asks Aang how he knew to Waterbend so incredibly, but Aang is unable to explain it to himself, let alone to her. She then asks why he didn't admit to being the Avatar before, and he tells her that he never wanted to be the Avatar in the first place, it simply being too much responsibility for him. But when Katara explains the terrible shape the world's been in since he was gone, she urges him to master the elements and try to bring peace to everyone. And since she needs a Waterbending teacher as well, perhaps they can both learn together.

Episode: Chapter Two - "The Avatar Returns"

Air date: 2/21/05

Credits: Additional writing - Aaron Ehasz, Peter Goldfinger, Josh Stolberg

Writers: Mike Dante DiMartino, Bryan Konietzko

Cast: Dee Bradley Baker, Dante Basco, Melendy Britt, Jack DeSena, Zach Tyler Eisen, Madeline Lovejoy, Mako, Mae Whitman, Luke Zampas

Director: Dave Filoni