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Aang takes his friends to Omashu, which he claims is the friendliest city in the world. But when they get to the gates, the guards seem to be stoic and ruthless in their practices. Katara thinks Aang should disguise himself, not knowing who might see the Avatar as a threat, and Aang sneaks in as an old man. Once inside Omashu, he takes them to the city's revolutionary delivery system, an Earthbending-powered network of slides that quickly and efficiently send goods throughout the metropolis. Aang and his friend Bumi used to ride in them all the time, unfortunately it was never allowed. And when their cart runs off the track, they're arrested for destruction of property and presented to the king for punishment.

The king is an odd old man, holding a feast for the children instead of punishing them. But it all proves a setup when he throws food at Aang that he Airbends to avoid, accidentally revealing his true identity. The king then has Katara and Sokka taken hostage and forces Aang to complete three challenges in one day, or else his friends' bodies will be encased in crystal.

The first challenge is to grab a key hanging under a powerful waterfall. Aang can't reach it himself, so he breaks off a chunk of rock and hurls it straight into the waterfall, breaking the chain holding the key and presenting it to the king. The second challenge is returning the king's pet Flopsie to him, so Aang hurries over to the rabbit he sees before a monstrous goat-gorilla erupts from a cage and attacks, Aang losing the rabbit in the process. After getting in over his head, Aang figures out that Flopsie could actually be the goat-gorilla, and calls it by name. Flopsie responds kindly, and runs over to the king, completing the next obstacle. The final challenge is to defeat anyone Aang chooses in a duel, so Aang thinks quickly and chooses the king, however the king was expecting that, and shows off his hardened physique, primed for battle. He launches a volley of powerful Earthbending moves, hurling rock after rock in Aang's direction, the Avatar dodging each one with his Airbending. So, the king produces one so large Aang's can't hope to avoid it, which Aang reflects instead, and when the king breaks it apart to protect himself, Aang rushes through the cloud of debris and pins the king. Pleased with Aang's progress, he agrees to let Katara and Sokka go free if Aang can correctly guess his name. And after realizing that all three challenges involved thinking outside of the box, Aang realizes that the King of Omashu is actually his friend Bumi, one hundred years older. The two then go riding on the delivery system for old times' sake.

Episode: Chapter Five - "The King of Omashu"

Air date: 3/18/05

Writer: John O'Bryan

Cast: Dee Bradley Baker, Jack DeSena, Zach Tyler Eisen, Kevin Ng, Daran Norris, Kevin Michael Richardson, James Sie, Andre Sogliuzzo, Mae Whitman

Director: Anthony Lioi