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Aang and his friends are rocked by loud noises coming from nearby, and when they go to investigate, they find a young man practicing Earthbending. Katara says hello, causing the Earthbender to run off in fear. The kids decide to chase after him to see what's wrong, and stumble onto a village controlled by the Fire Nation, with the Earthbender entering a store. When they go inside, they find him and his mother, who introduce him as Haru, and explain to them that anyone caught Earthbending by Fire Nation soldiers are taken to an offshore prison where they'll no longer pose a threat.

Katara and Haru go along the forest, discussing the damage the Fire Nation have done to their families, Haru's father taken prisoner and Katara's mother being murdered, when they find a man trapped in a landslide. Katara urges Haru to help him, but Haru's wary about Earthbending, though does so to save a life anyway. Unfortunately, the man saves his own life by ratting him out to the Fire Nation soldiers, who kidnap Haru during the night.

When Katara hears about what happened, she forms a plan and gets the Fire Nation to take her to the prison by pawning off Aang's Airbending of rocks as her Earthbending. Once inside, she meets up with Haru and his father, Tyro, but finds the morale of the prisoners terrible, without anyone even trying to rebel. She sneaks away and councils with Aang and Sokka for an escape scenario, when Aang notices billowing smoke, meaning that if there's coal to burn, there's coal to Earthbend.

Aang sets to work blocking off all of the ventilation, forcing the air pressure to build up and blow coal all over the prison yard, right in front of the Earthbenders. When they don't do anything with the opportunity, the warden laughs at her campaign, and walks away, when Haru throws a briquette at his head. He Firebends in retaliation, which his father protects him from, and the liberation movement has begun. The prisoners Earthbend as a team, driving the warden and all of the Fire Nation soldiers into the water, then using their ships to return to shore.

Tyro thanks Katara for renewing the villagers' spirits, and Haru thanks her for reuniting his family. But in the revolt, Katara lost her necklace, which Prince Zuko later finds, once again on the Avatar's trail.

Episode: Chapter Six - "Imprisoned"

Air date: 3/25/05

Writer: Matthew Hubbard

Cast: Dee Bradley Baker, Jack DeSena, Michael Dow, Zach Tyler Eisen, Tom Kane, Pat Musick, Kevin Michael Richardson, Keith Szarabajka, George Takei, Mae Whitman

Director: Dave Filoni