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Aang worries that he'll never be able to master three elements by the time Sozin's Comet arrives, so Katara helps relieve him by teaching him the Waterbending she's managed to learn on her own. While practicing, Aang accidentally washes away their supplies, so they head to a nearby pier to buy more. A suspicious salesman piques their interest, and when they enter his store, they see a ton of rare and interesting items. Aang buys a bison whistle to call Appa, and Katara wishes to buy a Waterbending scroll, but the manager comes out to tell her it's reserved. Sokka deduces that the men are all pirates, leading Katara to believe all of the goods are stolen, and steals the scroll.

Katara and Aang practice the techniques listed in the scroll, and Aang takes to it masterfully, while Katara flops. She gets jealous of how quickly Aang's coming along and yells at him, immediately regretting her actions, and giving the scroll to him to keep. But that night, she sneaks away with it to get in more practice, where the pirates find her and kidnap her.

The pirates have teamed up with Zuko, who demands to know where Aang is. Katara refuses to tell him, so he takes the scroll from her and threatens to burn it if the pirates don't form a search party and find him. They easily locate and retrieve the boys, when just before Zuko hands over the scroll, Sokka calls off the deal by revealing Aang's Avatar status, which holds a much larger cash reward than the scroll would ever bring. The pirates feel betrayed by Zuko's omission, and they do battle with his men. In the melee, the kids escape on the pirates' ship, while the pirates follow on Zuko's ship. Both vessels fast approach a waterfall, where Aang and Katara are able to Waterbend long enough for Appa to hear Aang's bison whistle and swoop in to save them. Sokka winds up with the scroll, and hands it back to Katara after she learned a valuable lesson about taking things that don't belong to you.

Episode: Chapter Nine - "The Waterbending Scroll"

Air date: 4/29/05

Writer: John O'Bryan

Cast: Jack Angel, Dee Bradley Baker, Dante Basco, Jack DeSena, Zach Tyler Eisen, Mako, Byron McKittrick, Jim Meskimen, James Sie, Mae Whitman

Director: Anthony Lioi