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When Momo goes missing in the forest, the kids find him caught in a trap, which Sokka examines as having been made by the Fire Nation, indicating they should leave the forest on foot so Appa isn't spotted. But his terrible sense of direction leads them right into the Fire Nation campsite, where they're attacked. They're saved by another group of kids, who easily do away with the men with Aang and Katara's help. They call themselves the Freedom Fighters, a young collective united by the destruction the Fire Nation caused to their families. Their leader, Jet, invites the gang to stay a while, which everyone but Sokka is happy about.

They return to the Freedom Fighters' treetop hideout, where Jet explains their mission to drive the Fire Nation out of the nearby town, and requests their help in the next day's mission. Sokka tries to interject that they must leave as soon as possible, but when Jet asks for his expertise personally, he begrudgingly agrees to be of service.

The next morning, Sokka spots a man walking through the forest, which Jet and his crew interrogate. They throw him to the ground and ransack his belongings, with Sokka jumping in and scolding them for their behavior, believing the man to be innocent. However, they can't trust anyone from the Fire Nation, and take off with his goods, Sokka reluctantly following.

When they return to the hideout, Sokka again requests they leave, stating Jet to be nothing more than a bully. Katara and Aang disagree, asking to hear Jet's side of the story, which he justifies by showing a knife that he says the man was going to use to assassinate him, which Sokka doesn't believe for a moment, not even having seen the knife in the scuffle. Katara and Aang buy it, and are then instructed by Jet to use their Waterbending to help fill the reservoir to combat a blaze that the Fire Nation plans to set in the forest to destroy their home.

That night, Sokka overhears Jet's real plan, which is to blow up the dam and have the water in the reservoir wash away everyone in town, ensuring the Fire Nation soldiers are killed. But before he can warn his friends, the Freedom Fighters find him and drag him away. Sokka then remembers the Fire Nation traps he passed before, and breaks away near them, leading his captors to stumble into them and get caught. Meanwhile, Katara and Aang successfully fill the river leading into the reservoir ahead of schedule, and go to check with Jet, witnessing the Freedom Fighters setting up to blow the dam. Jet is forced to admit the truth, breaking Katara's heart, and she violently Waterbends at him while Aang attempts to rescue the village, but it's too late, and the flood destroys the town. They're devastated, until Sokka appears on Appa and states that he was able to warn everyone to evacuate just in time. Katara and Aang board Appa, and apologize to Sokka for not believing in him.

Episode: Chapter Ten - "Jet"

Air date: 5/6/05

Writer: James Eagan

Cast: Dee Bradley Baker, Jack DeSena, Zach Tyler Eisen, Nika Futterman, Mitch Holleman, Jim Meskimen, Julianna Rose, Mae Whitman, Crawford Wilson, Sterling Young

Director: Dave Filoni