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Yes, that one.

The gang prepares to cross the Great Divide, a vast canyon that's incredibly treacherous on foot, when a man approaches them about having saved a spot for the guide first. Before they can ask what's going on, two different tribes appear, ready to be escorted through the canyon. They are the Zhang and the Gan Jin, rivals for a hundred years, and they argue over which tribe should be escorted through first, citing members of their respective groups as the weakest and most in need. Aang settles the dispute by sending Appa ahead of them with the infirmed, while the guide leads both tribes through the canyon at the same time, which both parties agree to.

The guide begins the trek by warning everyone not to bring food, as the scent would attract canyon crawlers, giant beasts that make the Great Divide so dangerous. But both sides ignore the warning, assuming the opposing tribe would bring food that they wouldn't wish to share. Sure enough, the smell alerts a canyon crawler, and in a scuffle breaks the guide's arms, meaning they have no way of escaping the canyon once they reach the end. Both tribes blame each other for the accident, and they break off to complete the journey on their own.

Aang requests that Katara and Sokka each travel with one side in order to figure out why they hate each other. Katara learns that the Gan Jin were founded by Jin Wei, who was attacked by Wei Jin, the founder of the Zhang, who then stole his crystal orb. Sokka hears from the Zhang that Wei Jin happened upon a weak Jin Wei and returned his crystal orb to the Gan Jin, who assumed he'd stolen it and had him imprisoned.

When the tribes reunite, their fury reaches the breaking point, and they all prepare to do battle. Aang uses his Airbending to separate them, revealing all of the food they were carrying, and wafting the scent throughout the canyon, causing a frenzy amongst the canyon crawlers. While they panic, they discover that they can tame the creatures by throwing bags over their heads, and everyone is able to get a ride up the wall from them to officially be free of the Great Divide.

Aang then commends them for being able to work together despite their differences, when he hears the names of their founders, and explains what really happened between them. Jin Wei and Wei Jin were kids, and they were playing a game with a ball, or orb, which Wei Jin grabbed and stepped out of bounds, meaning he had to go to the penalty box. The Gan Jin and the Zhang mend fences, and continue their journey side by side, while the kids fly away on Appa, Aang revealing to them that he made the story up.

Episode: Chapter Eleven - "The Great Divide"

Air date: 5/20/05

Writer: John O'Bryan

Cast: Rene Auberjonois, Dee Bradley Baker, Jack DeSena, Zach Tyler Eisen, Roberta Farkas, Scott Menville, Leonard Stone, Mae Whitman

Director: Giancarlo Volpe