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Sokka is sick from the time he spent in the storm, and has become highly delusional. Katara's caring for him has exposed her to the illness as well, so Aang hurries to retrieve medicine for them. He heads up a mountain to an herbalist, who informs him that they'll need to suck on frozen frogs to reverse the effects, so he rushes back down the mountain into the swamp to find some.

Commander Zhao is promoted to Admiral, and his first official order is to recommission the Yuyan Archers from serving guard duty to capturing the Avatar. They are able to track him down in the swamp, and while he evades them easily enough, his distraction collecting the frogs ultimately proves to be his undoing. The archers bring Aang back to the stronghold with them, where they bind him and lock him away.

With all hope seemingly lost, Zhao begins to taunt Aang with the idea that he won't be killed, since the Avatar spirit would just be resurrected, so he'll spend the rest of his life imprisoned. But there comes a strange warrior who doesn't wish that fate for him, and this masked figure sneaks into the stronghold, waiting for his moment to set Aang free without anyone noticing.

As Zhao returns to Aang's cell, he finds it empty and sounds the alarms. Aang and the masked man attempt to scale the fortress wall, but guards come up to block them. Aang uses his Airbending to get them through most of the blockade, but the influx of soldiers eventually exhausts them from making it all the way outside the stronghold. Desperate, the masked man holds his swords to Aang's neck, threatening to kill him. This forces Zhao to allow their escape, but he has one of the archers trained on them, and silently orders a shot, striking the masked man and knocking him out. Aang sees the face of his savior, Zuko, and runs for his life, before returning out of gratitude and saving them both.

When Zuko awakens, he finds Aang watching over him, and Aang tells him about a friend of his from the Fire Nation before the war started, wondering if Zuko could have been his friend if not for the war. Zuko responds angrily, Firebending at him, so Aang takes off. He returns to Katara and Sokka and gives them the frozen frogs, curing their ailment while also grossing them out.

Episode: Chapter Thirteen - "The Blue Spirit"

Air date: 6/17/05

Writers: Mike Dante DiMartino, Bryan Konietzko

Cast: Jamie Alcroft, Dee Bradley Baker, Dante Basco, Jodi Carlisle, Jack DeSena, Zach Tyler Eisen, Jason Isaacs, Nick Jameson, Mako, Jim Meskimen, Mae Whitman

Director: Dave Filoni