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The trio stumbles upon a Fire Nation festival, where Aang is excited to see Firebending that isn't being aimed in his direction. To ensure it stays that way, they adopt festival masks as they observe a stage performer manipulate his Firebending into awe-inspiring shapes. The performer calls Katara up on stage, where he amazes her with a flame in the shape of a dragon that seems to be attacking her. Aang panicks and uses his Airbending to rescue her, startling the audience and alerting soldiers to capture him. As the group runs, they're helped by a defector from the Fire Nation military who leads them back to his campsite.

Once there, he introduces them to Jeong Jeong, a Firebending master who was the very first man to leave the Fire Nation military and live to tell the tale. Aang is convinced this man should be his Firebending teacher, being the only one he knows that isn't loyal to the Fire Lord's will. Jeong Jeong, upon immediately meeting the Avatar, is upset at Aang's impulsiveness, understanding he has not yet mastered Waterbending or Earthbending, believing what they teach the body are the only things that keeps Firebending tamed. But he's suddenly confronted by a vision of Avatar Roku that commands he train Aang, so he begrudgingly agrees to Aang's request.

After undertaking a series of breathing exercises and proper stances, Aang bugs Jeong Jeong about actually creating fire, which Jeong Jeong tries to alleviate by telling him about a student who wished to rush his training and lost his path. He then shows Aang what he's been after, and has him form a fireball in his hands, but only enough to keep a leaf from burning to a crisp. Bored with the small display, Aang spends the rest of his time alone trying to mimic what he saw at the festival, which Katara warns him against. His disregard for her caution soon proves her right when he accidentally burns her hands, sending her running off in pain while Sokka shouts at him for hurting her.

Katara dunks her hands in the lake to cool them off, when she notices the burns disappearing and her pain fading away. Jeong Jeong is happy to learn that she has healing abilities, a valuable subset of Waterbending, lamenting that water restores where fire destroys. Just then, Admiral Zhao arrives to claim the Avatar, and Jeong Jeong comes face to face with the former student he told Aang about. While he and Zhao do battle, Katara finds Aang to come help, but he refuses to put anyone else in danger. She then shows him that she healed her burns, and Aang decides to join the fight. Jeong Jeong and his followers slip away while Aang distracts Zhao, and his lack of patience proves accurate when he accidentally sets fire to all of his ships in a bid to hit Aang.

When safely in the sky on Appa, Katara flaunts her newfound healing powers on a burn Aang got dodging Zhao's attacks.

Episode: Chapter Sixteen - "The Deserter"

Air date: 10/21/05

Writer: Tim Hedrick

Cast: Dee Bradley Baker, Jack DeSena, Zach Tyler Eisen, James Garrett, Jason Isaacs, John Kassir, Michael McConnohie, Scott Menville, James Sie, James Arnold Taylor, Mae Whitman, Keone Young

Director: Lauren MacMullan