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Hearing stories of flying people at the Northern Air Temple, Aang is curious that there would still be Airbenders around after the devastation he witnessed in the south. A journey up to the temple proves him right, where there are not Airbenders, but a lost colony from the Earth Kingdom who use wondrous crafts to propel themselves through the air. One of the kids introduces himself as Teo, who suffered the loss of both his mother and the use of his legs in a flood that drove everyone from their homes. He felt hopeless without the ability to walk, but his father inventing a way for him to fly replaced that hole in his heart.

Sokka is immediately taken with the mechanist's many inventions, and begins to help him with some of his ideas. In order to make Aang feel more at home, Teo takes him to the temple sanctuary where they haven't updated anything. Aang uses his Airbending to open the majestic room, but inside they find a plethora of weapons marked with the Fire Nation insignia.

Teo confronts his father about this, and the mechanist admits that the Fire Nation came to colonize the temple, so the only way he could save their lives and leave them in peace was by agreeing to supply machinery for the war. Just then, the Fire Nation war minister arrives, and Aang forcibly cancels their agreement, leading the war minister to summon a fleet to destroy the temple.

With no other options, Aang, Katara and Sokka prepare the new temple residents for the fight. Using their flight skills to their advantage, the mechanist and Sokka complete their war balloon design, and load it with different types of bombs he's developed. When they take to the sky, the Fire Nation assumes it to be from their side, due to the insignia, but Sokka and the mechanist pelt them with everything they've got. They soon run out of ammo, leading Sokka to throw the balloon's engine at them, exploding on contact and driving the forces away from the temple. With the balloon plummeting, Aang swoops in and rescues them.

With the colony having achieved victory over their oppressors, the kids bid them farewell, Aang now thankful that they have kept the temple lively. But the Fire Nation collects the remnants of the war balloon to use for themselves in the future.

Episode: Chapter Seventeen - "The Northern Air Temple"

Air date: 11/4/05

Writer: Elizabeth Welch Ehasz

Cast: Rene Auberjonois, Dee Bradley Baker, Jack DeSena, Zach Tyler Eisen, Clyde Kusatsu, Daniel Samonas, Kristoffer Tabori, Mae Whitman

Director: Dave Filoni