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After two straight days of flying, the group finally reaches the North Pole. They are in awe of how expansive and grandiose it is, especially the Southern Water Tribe children. There, they are greeted and given a tour of the region, where Sokka lays eyes on Princess Yue and falls in love.

Chief Arnook coincides the celebration of his daughter's sixteenth birthday with the arrival of the Avatar, where the Waterbenders perform for everyone. While Sokka macks on Yue, Aang is introduced to Pakku, the principal Waterbending instructor of their tribe, who seems to be quite the taskmaster.

The Fire Nation has followed the Avatar all the way north, though Admiral Zhao is biding his time, certain that the Northern Water Tribe is not to be taken lightly. He boards Zuko's ship and commandeers all of his soldiers for the impending attack, while noticing the swords mounted on his wall, remembering them from the attack on Pohuai Stronghold. Zhao, now sure that Zuko is the Blue Spirit, toys with the prince a bit before departing.

The next day, Aang and Katara show up for their first training session with Pakku, who quickly informs Katara that the females of their tribe do not learn Waterbending, and sends her to healing training. She's discouraged, but urges Aang to focus on what he needs to do. Katara's new healing teacher notices the necklace she's wearing, and recognizes it as the one her old friend Kanna wore. Katara is shocked to learn that her grandmother grew up in the north, and fled when she was arranged to be married.

After practice, Aang and Katara are still upset by Pakku's ruling, but Sokka figures that Aang can just teach Katara everything Pakku teaches him, and they try it out. Unfortunately, they are caught by Pakku, and he refuses to train Aang any further. Katara begs him to forgive Aang, but the old man staunchly refuses, proceeding to taunt Katara at the same time. Pushed to her limit, Katara demands a sparring match with him instead, and Waterbends a whip at his head, forcing him to agree. Their duel captivates everyone around them, and Pakku is incredibly impressed with the skills Katara implements, having never even had a lesson. He succeeds in defeating her, but knocks off her necklace in the fight, and recognizes it as the one he made for Kanna, being the man she avoided marrying. Taking everything he just learned into account, he agrees to train both Aang and Katara, while the talk of arranged marriage upsets Yue, and she reveals to Sokka that she's engaged.

Zhao hires the pirates to blow up Zuko's ship, which Zuko notices only seconds before the explosion, abandoning ship just in time. Iroh then tricks Zhao into believing that he's lost his nephew, and agrees to serve under Zhao for the impending attack on the north, while sneaking Zuko in as one of the soldiers.

Episode: Chapter Eighteen - "The Waterbending Master"

Air date: 11/18/05

Writer: Mike Dante DiMartino

Cast: Jack Angel, Dee Bradley Baker, Dante Basco, Lucille Bliss, Johanna Braddy, Victor Brandt, Jack DeSena, Zach Tyler Eisen, Jason Isaacs, Mako, Byron McKittrick, Jon Polito, Mae Whitman, Keone Young

Director: Giancarlo Volpe