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Sokka takes Yue for a ride on Appa, where they get close again, upsetting Yue. Sokka notices gray snow falling, and recognizes it as the soot that fell on his village when the Fire Nation invaded, figuring they must be on their way. By the time they get back to the palace, the fleet is in clear view, and Chief Arnook gathers volunteers for the inevitable battle. Sokka is the first to raise his hand, upsetting Yue yet again.

The army's plan is to infiltrate the Fire Nation fleet dressed as fellow members, but Sokka reveals that the uniforms they're using are antiquated and would give them away immediately. This prompts Chief Arnook to promote Sokka to the strategist of the team, working closely with the mission leader, Hahn, who's also the man arranged to marry Yue, making Sokka feel quite uncomfortable.

With nightfall approaching, Admiral Zhao decides to halt the mission for the night, not wishing to incur the wrath of Waterbenders with the Moon on their side. This gives Zuko the opening he needs, and he sneaks off the ship to capture the Avatar for himself before Zhao's forces can.

When Sokka hears the way Hahn talks about Yue, treating her more like a possession than a person, he flips out and attacks him. Chief Arnook witnesses this and immediately throws Sokka off of the team, though he later reveals a larger task for the boy, and asks him to guard Yue personally.

While they wait nervously, Yue tells Aang and Katara of the legend of Waterbending, people learning from the Moon spirit how to push and pull the water. This gives Aang the idea to ask the spirits for help, and Yue takes him to the Spirit Oasis, the most tranquil and beautiful place in the north. Aang meditates, and enters the Spirit World, completely oblivious to what's going on around him. Just then, Zuko sneaks up and Katara fights to protect Aang's body, but daylight comes and gives Zuko the edge he needs to overpower her and kidnap Aang.

Episode: Chapter Nineteen - "The Siege of the North, Part 1"

Air date: 12/2/05

Writer: John O'Bryan

Cast: Dee Bradley Baker, Dante Basco, Johanna Braddy, Victor Brandt, Jack DeSena, Ben Diskin, Zach Tyler Eisen, James Garrett, Jason Isaacs, Mako, Scott McAfee, Jon Polito, Mae Whitman

Director: Lauren MacMullan