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While practicing Waterbending forms, Aang and Katara are approached by wandering musicians who announce their intent to visit Omashu. The kids are headed that way, and after Appa is attacked by Fire Nation soldiers, they decide to travel on foot with the group. Unfortunately, this means traversing the Cave of Two Lovers, a twisting underground tunnel that few have ever been known to find their way out of. The Fire Nation catches up to them and hopes to be rid of the group by blocking the entrance and trapping them inside forever.

Life as fugitives is proving tough for Zuko and Iroh, only made more so when Iroh accidentally makes tea from a poison bush, forcing Zuko to find him medical aid. They reach a nearby town where they're befriended by a girl named Song, who tends to Iroh's needs and later invites them both to her house for dinner. Zuko is somewhat put off by the kindness he receives, and when he goes to clear his head, Song follows and shows him the scar she received when the Fire Nation invaded and captured her father, claiming they were alike. As the prince and his uncle leave, Zuko steals the family's ostrich horse to get around faster, disappointing Song as she witnesses the act.

In order to find their way out of the cave, Katara and Aang stumble onto a wall carving that tells the story of Oma and Shu, the two lovers for which the cave was named, having created it as a means of seeing each other amidst a time of war between their villages. Their claim is that in order to find the way, love is brightest in the dark. And when their torches burn out, crystals embedded in the cave walls begin to light up, illuminating a path that leads right to the exit. The group has finally arrived in Omashu, but the city is now in ruin.

Episode: Chapter Two - "The Cave of Two Lovers"

Air date: 3/24/06

Writer: Joshua Hamilton

Cast: Dee Bradley Baker, Dante Basco, Derek Basco, Jack DeSena, Zach Tyler Eisen, Barbara Goodson, Kim Mai Guest, Mako, Laraine Newman, Mae Whitman

Director: Lauren MacMullan