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With Omashu overrun, Aang is worried about Bumi, so they travel by sewer into the city to check on him. While inside, Sokka is latched onto by a purple pentapus, leaving suction marks on his face. When they emerge from the sewer, the Fire Nation soldiers notice Sokka's markings and question them. They announce a fake disease called pentapox, startling the soldiers and ushering them through the crowd immediately. This gives them an idea, and they gather more pentapi to mark the Omashu citizens so they'll be released for fear of creating a contagion. During the exile, the new governor's baby son wanders off and ends up part of the pack.

Unable to assess her brother and uncle's whereabouts, Azula decides to ditch her royal detail and recruit her capable old friends to help her track them down, starting with Ty Lee, an agile acrobat in a traveling circus. She originally refuses the offer, but after Azula takes in her next show and makes it three times as dangerous, she gets the hint and accepts the opportunity. Azula's next recruit is Mai, who happens to be the new governor of Omashu's daughter, and whose baby brother is currently missing. The governor has sent an offer to the exiled Omashu residents to give them Bumi in exchange for his son, a trade which Azula and Mai agree to coordinate themselves.

When the trade is set to take place, Azula repeals the offer, believing Bumi to be worth far more. Aang races to his rescue, revealing himself to be the Avatar, inspiring Azula's pursuance. Her team battles Aang's while she chases after Aang and Bumi, the king telling Aang that he doesn't wish to be rescued. When Aang replies that he came so Bumi could teach him Earthbending, Bumi tells him that he's listened to the Earth, and it's told him that he needs to wait in Omashu until the time is right to strike, and that there is another Earthbender out there who knows how to listen just like he does. Aang flees without his old friend, allowing Azula to recapture him.

Aang stealthily returns the governor's son to him, as Azula leaves the city with Mai and Ty Lee, dead set on not only capturing Zuko and Iroh, but also the elusive Avatar.

Episode: Chapter Three - "Return to Omashu"

Air date: 4/7/06

Writer: Elizabeth Welch Ehasz

Cast: Dee Bradley Baker, Dante Basco, Grey DeLisle, Jack DeSena, Robin Atkin Downes, Paul Eiding, Zach Tyler Eisen, Olivia Hack, Cricket Leigh, Mako, Andre Sogliuzzo, Fred Tatasciore, Mae Whitman

Director: Ethan Spaulding