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Zuko is weak from hunger, riding into a town in order to buy food. There, he encounters soldiers who are being harassed by a couple of small children, quickly running away when they are nearly spotted. Zuko is assumed to have been the culprit, but he denies anyone having done something to them, so they square things with him by taking the food he bought for his ostrich horse. One of the boys, Lee, thanks him for keeping quiet by inviting him back to his farm for a meal.

Once there, Zuko meets Lee's mom and dad, and their family reminds him of the one he used to have. After a good meal and some rest, Zuko awakens to find Lee stealing his swords and practicing with them in the field. He comes over to show the boy proper attack form, and Lee tells him that he reminds him of his older brother Sensu, who'd left home to fight in the war. Later that morning, as Zuko is about to depart, the same soldiers he'd met before inform the family that their eldest son had been captured by the Fire Nation and possibly placed on their front lines to be sacrificed. Lee's father leaves the farm in search of his son, while Zuko leaves on his journey, comforting Lee with a dagger he'd been given as a child.

Lee's mother catches up to Zuko, telling him that the soldiers captured Lee for pulling a knife on them. Zuko feels responsible, and rides after the soldiers to get Lee back. They laugh at the thought that a teenage boy could defeat them all, but he proves excellent in combat, taking down all but their leader, a capable Earthbender. When nearly outmatched, Zuko recounts the day his mother went missing, making him promise her that he would never forget who he was. Just then, Zuko snaps, announcing his real name and Firebends at the soldier, startling him and throwing off his composure, making him an easy target. Zuko takes his dagger back from the kidnapper, and again offers it to Lee. But Lee, his mother and the entire town turn their backs on him, wishing for him to go.

Episode: Chapter Seven - "Zuko Alone"

Air date: 5/12/06

Writer: Elizabeth Welch Ehasz

Cast: Dee Bradley Baker, Dante Basco, Robby Bruce, Jen Cohn, Grey DeLisle, Walker Edmiston, Susan Eisenberg, John Garry, Olivia Hack, Mark Hamill, Cricket Leigh, Mako, Jason Miller, Paul Nakauchi, Brian O'Neill, Elijah Runcorn, Gary Sturgis, Zach Throne

Director: Lauren MacMullan