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Aang is ready to learn Earthbending, and Toph is raring to teach him. She begins with a lesson in proper stance, which Aang grasps easily, but when the time comes to move a rock, he Airbends by mistake. Toph decides to venture in a different direction, and puts Aang through several rigorous training exercises before he tries again. Sokka takes the free time to go off on his own and capture some dinner for the group, stumbling onto a naive moose lion cub, but his sneak attack leads him to become lodged in a deep hole in the ground, unable to move.

Iroh awakens from a dream to find Zuko watching over him as he recovers from the injury Azula gave him. Zuko is convinced that they'll cross paths with her again, and he needs to be ready to fight her, so he requests that Iroh teach him Lightningbending. Iroh obliges, but Zuko's attempt almost gets him hurt, showing Iroh that he's not calm enough to master the technique. Instead, he opts to show Zuko how to redirect lightning through the body, something not even other Firebenders know how to do.

After toughening Aang up, Toph throws a boulder right at him. Instead of fighting against it, he leaps over it instead, frustrating both her and himself. Katara explains to Aang that he's working with an element that's completely the opposite of his native way of handling things, and he needs to be patient in order to adapt to a new way of thinking. And after attempting a sneak attack which he fights off expertly with Waterbending, he learns that he can master anything he truly sets his mind to.

When they return to camp, Aang notices Toph using his staff to crack nuts, while Katara notices Sokka's still not back from his hunt. Annoyed with Toph's behavior, Aang volunteers to go look for him, and soon finds him wedged in the ground. He uses Airbending to blow him to the surface, but he remains stuck, so Sokka suggests Earthbending instead, depressing Aang. Just then, the moose lion cub's mother shows up, angry at Sokka for attacking its young, and Aang leaps into action to protect him. He tries a distraction first, but the moose lion ignores him, so he jumps in front of Sokka, and Airbends the moose lion away, making it run off with the cub. Toph reveals she's been there the whole time, angering Aang that she didn't try to help Sokka, and demands his staff back. She requests he move a rock first, and in that moment does so perfectly. She rewards him with the staff, and pops Sokka out of the hole.

Episode: Chapter Nine - "Bitter Work"

Air date: 6/2/06

Writer: Aaron Ehasz

Cast: Dee Bradley Baker, Dante Basco, Jack DeSena, Zach Tyler Eisen, Jessie Flower, Mako, Mae Whitman

Director: Ethan Spaulding