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With Appa gone, the kids are forced to traverse the desert on foot. Aang is concerned for Appa, so he flies ahead on his glider looking for any sign of the sky bison. Extremely thirsty, Katara is forced to use her Waterbending supply to hydrate everyone, though Sokka's disgusted because she attacked the Foggy Swamp Tribe with it previously. Instead, he drinks from a cactus, which ends up giving him a fit of hallucinations.

Zuko and Iroh are on their own journey, and when they finally take a rest, the Rough Rhinos find them and try to bring them in for the reward money, Colonel Mongke having trained under Iroh many years ago. Zuko and Iroh manage to get away from them, and when Zuko makes a snide comment about Iroh's taste in friends, it gives the old man an idea.

When night falls, Katara comes up with a plan, and checks Sokka's pack for a map from the library, so the stars might guide them out of the desert. Toph kicks something in the sand, and Aang Airbends to reveal a sandsailer, a ship the Sandbenders use to get through the terrain. Aang uses his Airbending on the sails, and they're able to travel much faster, reaching a rock formation with tunnels they can hide from the sweltering sun in.

Iroh and Zuko reach the Misty Palms Oasis, where Iroh takes in a game of Pai Sho with someone. They make corresponding moves that eventually present a lotus pattern in the tiles, and the stranger welcomes Iroh as a member of the Order of the White Lotus. Master Yu and Xin Fu, having followed Toph's trail to the location, decide to pursue Zuko and Iroh for the reward money, but when they advance, Iroh's new friend causes a commotion that allows everyone to escape. He takes them to his flower shop, where he arranges documents for them to enter Ba Sing Se and begin brand new lives.

Inside the tunnels, Toph senses something coming, revealing it to be a hive for buzzard-wasps. The creatures attack the group, and the odds are stacked against them until a group of Sandbenders appear to rescue them, followed soon by an explanation as to how they came in possession of one of their sandsailers. Toph recognizes one of their voices as the man who led the mission to capture Appa, who continuously denies the claims until Aang rages and enters the Avatar State, then reveals that he sold the flying bison to merchants probably on their way to Ba Sing Se. Aang explodes in anger, then calms down and cries silently.

Episode: Chapter Eleven - "The Desert"

Air date: 7/14/06

Writer: Tim Hedrick

Cast: Dee Bradley Baker, Dante Basco, Bill Bolender, Jack DeSena, Zach Tyler Eisen, Jessie Flower, Marc Graue, Peter Jessop, Mako, Paul McKinney, Sab Shimono, Malachi Throne, Zach Throne, Mae Whitman

Director: Lauren MacMullan