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A gigantic mechanical drill advances toward the outer wall of Ba Sing Se, carrying Princess Azula, Mai and Ty Lee, as well as several Fire Nation soldiers operating the machine. War Minister Qin deems the drill invincible, due mainly to its metal hull, but Azula's not convinced, commanding Ty Lee and Mai deal with the Earthbender soldiers guarding the wall to be safe.

The rest of the group catches up to Aang, and he shows them the drill. They meet with General Sung, leader of the guard unit, who is positive of their impending victory over the Fire Nation, demonstrating with the deployment of the Terra Team. But Ty Lee and Mai show up, throwing knives at them to distract them while their chi is blocked, sending every one to the ground in a paralyzed heap. General Sung panicks, and begs for the Avatar's help, but he and the others all look to Sokka for a plan.

While Katara heals one of the Terra Team members, he mentions Ty Lee's pressure point attacks, which gives Sokka the idea to hit the drill's pressure points to destroy it, but they need to get inside first. Toph obscures them with a dust cloud and sneaks them under the drill where they find an entry point, but she stays outside because she can't Earthbend in there. The kids quickly ambush an engineer so Sokka can study the blueprints, and he puts Aang and Katara to work using their Waterbending to cut through the massive braces. But they're so thick, they barely get halfway through a single one before they tire themselves out, when Aang figures out that they only have to cut partially through all of them before a massive blow from the outside could crush all of them at once.

Zuko and Iroh are on their way into Ba Sing Se, when Iroh is offered some cold tea from a vendor. Jet approaches Zuko about joining the Freedom Fighters officially, but Zuko declines, and when Jet looks over at Iroh, his tea is now piping hot, leading Jet to believe he and his nephew are both Firebenders, sending him into a quiet rage after all that he and his friends have suffered at the hands of the Fire Nation.

Azula gets word of the ambushed engineer and the compromised braces, concluding sabotage and bringing Mai and Ty Lee to help her. They find the Avatar and his friends and attack them, Katara and Sokka escaping the drill through its exhaust pipe while Aang heads for the roof. He starts Waterbending to weaken a spot in the roof for his attack, when Azula engages him. The two have a fierce battle that Aang nearly fails to survive, but Katara's Waterbending and Toph's Earthbending clogged the exhaust pipes, sending sludge spewing everywhere, knocking Azula off balance. Aang uses the lull in the fight to grab a boulder, fly to the top of Ba Sing Se's outer wall, and rush back to the ground Earthbending it right into the roof of the drill, flattening it where it stands.

Episode: Chapter Thirteen - "The Drill"

Air date: 9/15/06

Writers: Mike Dante DiMartino, Bryan Konietzko

Cast: Dee Bradley Baker, Dante Basco, Cameron Bowen, Grey DeLisle, Barry Dennen, Jack DeSena, Zach Tyler Eisen, Roberta Farkas, Jessie Flower, Nika Futterman, Kim Mai Guest, Olivia Hack, Cricket Leigh, Mako, Jim Meskimen, Rodney Saulsberry, Kristoffer Tabori, Mae Whitman, Crawford Wilson

Director: Giancarlo Volpe