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The Tale of Toph and Katara: When Katara notices Toph's lack of attention to her physical appearance, she decides to lend a hand by taking her to the spa for a girls' day. Toph initially objects, but eventually gets used to the pampering. After they emerge from the salon, a group of young female socialites insult Toph on her makeup, which she responds to by Earthbending a hole in the bridge they're standing on and dropping the girls into the river. Toph confides in Katara how much insulting her looks hurts, even though she can't see, and Katara assures her that she's beautiful.

The Tale of Iroh: Iroh purchases supplies at a market for a special occasion. He notices a flower in the market and moves it to help it bloom, then notices a boy crying that his mother can't calm, so he sings a song that cheers the toddler up. On his way through the town, a robber wielding a knife approaches him, but Iroh just gives him a combat lesson while he inquires what made him into a thief to begin with. Grateful for his concern, the man has a talk with Iroh and the elder suggests a new line of work for him to get into, furthering that accepting help from others is not a weakness. At the end of the day, he sets up his supplies atop a hill, where he wishes his dead son Lu Ten a happy birthday, and thanks him for helping him to become a better man.

The Tale of Aang: While out looking for Appa, Aang visits the Ba Sing Se Zoo, where the animals look miserable and unkempt. When he asks what's going on, the zookeeper informs him of the lack of tourism that keeps him from having the money to properly care for them. Aang thinks of an idea to increase the number of spectators, and opens the cages to let all of the animals run free, where they proceed to do damage and frighten the citizens. He then blows his bison whistle, and gets all of the animals to follow him right outside the city, where he then Earthbends a new habitat for them, and proper paths for visitors to observe them safely. The people respond accordingly, and the new zoo is a rousing success.

The Tale of Sokka: While out for a stroll through the city, Sokka stumbles onto a classroom full of cute girls. He spies on them through an open window before he's accidentally shoved through it, disrupting the class. He apologizes in a way that happens to correspond with the lesson plan, as everyone is required to speak only in haiku, and the girls laugh at his unintended comedy. The attention he receives upsets the teacher, who berates him in haiku, and Sokka decides to play that game, coming back at her with multiple zingers. Unfortunately, he miscounts on one, turning the crowd against him, and the guard kicks him out of the classroom.

The Tale of Zuko: After serving a girl tea, she comes up to the counter and asks Zuko out, which Iroh accepts before he can say anything. She comes back that night, and takes Zuko to get some dinner, asking him questions about his life he'd rather not answer, but makes up what he can so as not to be rude. When she reaches her favorite part of the city and the lanterns aren't lit, Zuko distracts her so he can Firebend them without her seeing. Impressed with him, she gives him a kiss, but he's weirded out by it and heads home. Iroh inquires about his evening, which Zuko at first ignores, then quickly responds that he had a nice time.

The Tale of Momo: Having just had a dream about Appa, Momo is shocked awake by lightning and hides in Sokka's bag, where he finds a leftover tuft of Appa's fur. When he looks out the window and sees the sky bison, he ties the fur to himself and flies up to him, only to find a cloud. He keeps looking, when hungry pygmy-pumas spot him and chase him around until all of them are captured by animal control. The man takes them to a butcher, and while he arranges a deal, Momo reaches through his cage bars and frees himself, but before leaving notices the pygmy-pumas afraid for their lives. Momo unlocks their cages as well and everyone escapes together to a rooftop, where the pygmy-pumas notice Appa's fur, and take it with them to a large pawprint that Appa had to have made, thanking the winged lemur for rescuing them. Momo snuggles up in Appa's mark and goes to sleep.

Episode: Chapter Fifteen - "Tales of Ba Sing Se"

Air date: 9/29/06

Credits: Story editors - Elizabeth Welch Ehasz, John O'Bryan

Writers: Joann Estoesta, Lisa Wahlander (The Tale of Toph and Katara)
Andrew Huebner (The Tale of Iroh)
Gary Scheppke (The Tale of Aang)
Lauren MacMullan (The Tale of Sokka)
Katie Mattila (The Tale of Zuko)
Justin Ridge, Giancarlo Volpe (The Tale of Momo)

Cast: Dee Bradley Baker, Greg Baldwin, Dante Basco, Melinda Clarke, Jack DeSena, Zach Tyler Eisen, Jessie Flower, Quinton Flynn, Marcella Lentz-Pope, Mako, Andy Morris, Lizzie Murray, James Sie, Craig Strong, Tara Strong, Alicia Weyer, Mae Whitman

Director: Ethan Spaulding