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After Appa was captured in the Si Wong Desert by Sandbenders, he's put to sleep by blowdarts and sold to strange merchants. When the sky bison awakens, he's locked in a cage amongst other animals in a similar predicament, all now the property of a Firebending animal trainer for a circus. He explains to Appa that he won't eat until he learns to obey, so Appa just uses his size to suck food over to his cage using only his mouth, infuriating the trainer and getting himself burned as punishment.

When it comes time for Appa's first performance, the flying bison again disobeys direct orders and knocks over a hoop that bludgeons the trainer, and he takes his chance to escape. He returns to Wan Shi Tong's library, now completely buried in the sand, and is lost on where to find his friends. He traverses the remainder of the desert, getting extremely hungry, and finds his way out to a farm where he's able to eat and get some sleep, dreaming of the day he met Aang at the Eastern Air Temple.

He's awakened by the farmer scaring him away, so he keeps flying until he reaches the forest, where he runs into the Kyoshi Warriors. He's now afraid of people, so Suki reminds him of who she is, and gives him the fruit they picked, which warms him up to them. They unshackle him and give him a bath, when Princess Azula arrives to claim him. Suki and the girls fight to protect him while he flies off to find Aang.

Still not knowing where to look, Appa returns to the Eastern Air Temple where they met. There, he finds Guru Pathik, a spiritual man who can sense the horrors Appa's been through, and uses his gifts to show Appa exactly where to find Aang. In return, he ties a message to Appa's horn to deliver to Aang for him, and off the sky bison flies to Ba Sing Se, where Long Feng blows a whistle he responds to, and the man Earthbends Appa underground, leaving only a footprint behind as to his whereabouts.

Episode: Chapter Sixteen - "Appa's Lost Days"

Air date: 10/13/06

Writer: Elizabeth Welch Ehasz

Cast: Dee Bradley Baker, Dante Basco, Grey DeLisle, Robin Atkin Downes, Zach Tyler Eisen, Jessie Flower, Brian George, Olivia Hack, Robert David Hall, Jennie Kwan, Cricket Leigh, Mako, Paul McKinney, Flo Di Re, Dwight Schultz

Director: Giancarlo Volpe