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Aang puts up fliers for the missing Appa all over Ba Sing Se, which is quickly scolded by Joo Dee, who just came back from her vacation at Lake Laogai. Aang is upset that officials keep getting in his way, and he ignores her warning, which disturbs Long Feng when she informs him of her failure, and he sends her back to Lake Laogai.

Having served the best tea in the city for quite some time, Iroh is approached by a wealthy businessman who offers him the chance to run his very own tea shop, which he quickly accepts. Iroh's on top of the world, but Zuko's down in the dumps because this isn't the future he envisioned for himself. When he sees one of Aang's fliers, he realizes that he now has another chance to regain his honor.

While Katara puts up more fliers, Jet sees her and says hello. Given their last encounter, Katara wants nothing to do with him, and attacks him, so Jet disarms himself to prove his innocence. The others overhear the commotion and Toph straightens things out by using her senses to read Jet's heartbeat like a polygraph, confirming he's telling the truth. Jet has a feeling he knows where Appa is, and leads the gang to a dank warehouse where the janitor tells the kids that Appa was sold and taken to an island in the South Pole. While Aang is in a rush to get there, they cross paths with Smellerbee and Longshot, who are happy to see Jet again after his arrest, but he doesn't remember being arrested. While they argue, Toph again confirms Jet's truth, meaning that something strange must have happened to him. Katara uses her healing ability to get Jet to remember where he's been recently, and he eventually recalls a hideout underneath a lake. Sokka remembers Joo Dee mentioning Lake Laogai, and Jet agrees that's the name of the place.

Zuko dresses up as the Blue Spirit once again, and threatens the life of a Dai Li agent to tell him where Appa is. He gets his information, and heads down to Lake Laogai, where he finds Appa in a holding cell without the Avatar with him. He figures that taking the sky bison will draw the Avatar to him, but Iroh appears and makes him question what he's doing. Zuko struggles within himself, and ultimately decides to unchain Appa and let him go.

Jet takes everyone to Lake Laogai, where Toph finds an entrance to the dungeon underneath. They search cells for Appa, stumbling onto a room full of women who think they're Joo Dee, followed by a trap set by Long Feng and the Dai Li. They attack the kids, and Long Feng triggers Jet's brainwashing to get him to assist them. Aang snaps him out of it by reminding him of what being a Freedom Fighter means to him, and he turns to attack Long Feng. The grand secretariat defends himself, crushing Jet's organs with an Earthbending move, and flees the hideout. Katara tries to heal him, but the damage is too severe, and Smellerbee and Longshot stay with him while they usher the others to keep looking for Appa.

When they reach Appa's cell, he's already gone, so they race up to ground level to catch the Dai Li. They're attacked again, when Appa flies in and rescues them, getting his revenge on Long Feng with a bite on the leg. Everyone boards Appa and takes off, upset over Jet's tragic loss.

Episode: Chapter Seventeen - "Lake Laogai"

Air date: 11/6/06

Writer: Tim Hedrick

Cast: Dee Bradley Baker, Dante Basco, Clancy Brown, George Cheung, Jack DeSena, Marc Donato, Zach Tyler Eisen, Jessie Flower, Kurt Fuller, Nika Futterman, Jeremy Kramer, Mako, Jason Miller, Lauren Tom, Mae Whitman, Crawford Wilson

Director: Lauren MacMullan