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With Fire Lord Ozai conducting top secret meetings with his advisors, he requests Azula and Zuko be sent to the resort destination of Ember Island to relax. Mai and Ty Lee are invited, though everyone is less than enthusiastic about going on an imposed vacation. Before leaving them to their devices, Lo and Li tell everyone that this beach has a way of revealing one's true self.

In order to have some fun, Azula drags everyone into a game of kuai ball against some unsuspecting beachgoers. Together, they beat the pants off of them, a victory to which Azula responds far too proudly. The commotion attracts two hot shot boys that quickly become enamored with Ty Lee and Mai, inviting them to a house party, which they reluctantly invite Azula and Zuko to as well.

Meanwhile, Team Avatar is chilling at a hot spring, when they're attacked by Zuko's assassin. They can't believe the incredible power he presents, and it takes all of Aang's skills just to survive to escape on Appa. They don't understand why they'd be attacked out of the blue, but Katara feels that the assault had been planned all along.

Azula, jealous of the attention Ty Lee receives from boys, asks her for some advice. Ty Lee tells her to smile and laugh at their jokes, then sends her into practice. Azula asks Chan to give her a tour of his house, so he takes her out to the balcony and starts flirting. Azula takes this as a victory, and becomes outwardly overconfident again, scaring Chan away.

When Zuko sees a guy hitting on Mai, he reacts impulsively and shoves him into a vase, shattering it. Mai yells at him, then he yells back at her, before Chan yells at both of them about the broken property and kicks all of them out. They head down to the beach, where Zuko insults Mai for being uncaring, Mai insults him for being angry all the time, they both insult Ty Lee for being an attention hog, and they all press Azula until she admits that she's always been bothered by her mother thinking she was evil, even though she enjoys being evil. And to celebrate that aspect of herself, she takes the emotionally lighter gang back to Chan's party and they completely destroy his house to celebrate their deeper friendship.

Episode: Chapter Five - "The Beach"

Air date: 10/19/07

Writer: Katie Mattila

Cast: Dee Bradley Baker, Dante Basco, Jack DeSena, Grey DeLisle, Marc Donato, Zach Tyler Eisen, Takayo Fisher, Jessie Flower, Olivia Hack, Cricket Leigh, Scott Menville, Max Roeg, Ross Thomas, Zach Throne, Erik Von Detten, Mae Whitman

Director: Joaquim Dos Santos