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Aang sees Avatar Roku in a dream, and with the summer solstice upon them, he asks Aang to come to the island where he lived in order to speak with him. Aang and his friends travel there, where Toph announces that she can feel an entire village underneath their feet, buried in the remnants of volcanic activity. With Aang in place, he meditates and enters the Spirit World to meet with Roku.

Zuko is startled awake by noise outside his door, but he doesn't see who it is before finding a message left behind asking him about his great-grandfather's death. He wonders if Azula knows how Fire Lord Sozin died, but the normal nature of it frustrates Zuko about what the message could mean, so he throws it across the room, where it catches on a lamp and reveals a hidden sentence about the Dragonbone Catacombs. Zuko sneaks inside, where he finds a history of Sozin's life written by the former Fire Lord himself.

Roku and Sozin were once best friends, growing up together in the Fire Nation where they eventually celebrated their simultaneous sixteenth birthday. On this date, the Fire Sages announced to Roku that he was the next Avatar in line, and that he must depart on his quest to master the elements immediately. Sozin gave him a going away present, the crowning headpiece of the Fire Nation Prince, a trinket Roku never took off. After many years, Roku conquered the elements and the Avatar State and returned home to the Fire Nation, where he wed his childhood sweetheart. After the wedding, the now-appointed Fire Lord Sozin approached Roku about teaming up to spread the prosperity of the Fire Nation around the world, but Roku believed the other nations should always maintain their own business for the sake of balance, and that Sozin should not disturb that order.

Years later, Roku learned that Sozin had defied his word, and developed colonies within the Earth Kingdom. When he ordered the Fire Lord to abandon his plan, Sozin was insulted by his lack of respect, and attacked him. Roku responded immediately with the Avatar State, leveled the palace, and warned Sozin that if he did not stop what he was doing, it would be the last thing he'd ever do. Decades passed, the embittered Fire Lord stewing in his own juices, until the fateful day when Roku's island was decimated by a volcanic eruption, and while evacuating the villagers, Roku was overcome by the poisonous gases. Sozin watched as Roku died, and set all of his plans in motion once again, going so far as to wipe out the Airbenders just to keep the next Avatar from posing the same problem, but that boy was never found.

Zuko still doesn't understand what that has to do with him, so he visits his uncle in jail and asks what Sozin's death was supposed to mean. Iroh reveals that the great-grandfather being referred to wasn't Sozin, but his mother's grandfather, Avatar Roku. Zuko can't believe that he's related to the Avatar, and Aang understands that all people are worth saving, no matter how far gone they may appear.

Episode: Chapter Six - "The Avatar and the Fire Lord"

Air date: 10/24/07

Writer: Elizabeth Welch Ehasz

Cast: Dee Bradley Baker, Greg Baldwin, Dante Basco, Andrew Caldwell, Grey DeLisle, Jack DeSena, Zach Tyler Eisen, Jessie Flower, James Garrett, Lex Lang, Sean Marquette, Jeff Patterson, Ron Perlman, Sab Shimono, Mae Whitman

Director: Ethan Spaulding