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When the group goes into town for some recreation, they quickly learn they no longer have the money to pay for any. Toph suggests they try their luck at a shell game, which is being rigged by the dealer through Earthbending. Toph cheats back with her own Earthbending and makes them a hefty sum, so they continue to run scams in order to earn even more quick cash.

When Katara finds out what they've been up to, she vehemently advises against any further action. This stand is backed up when Sokka finds a wanted poster for Toph's capture, and hides it to avoid incurring Katara's wrath, but Katara finds it anyway and blows up at Toph. The two give each other the silent treatment, so Sokka tries to smooth things over by explaining to Toph that Katara's been motherly as long as he can remember, and Toph admits that she knows Katara cares more about her than her actual mother ever did, which Katara accidentally overhears. She then apologizes to Toph by proposing they initiate the ultimate scam, collecting the reward money being offered for Toph.

Katara turns Toph in to the police, but it's really a setup by Aang's assassin to lure the Avatar out, kidnapping both Toph and Katara and locking them in a wooden cage. As they try mightily to escape with no success, a winded Katara wipes her forehead and realizes she can use her own sweat to Waterbend through the bars. She runs in place until she has enough, and cracks the cage apart, allowing them to join the battle with Aang and Sokka against the assassin. Toph's Earthbending accidentally hits him in the forehead, and he suddenly can't Firebend anymore. When he forces it, he causes an explosion that gives the group room to get away, and Sokka comes up with the name Combustion Man for their new foe.

Episode: Chapter Seven - "The Runaway"

Air date: 10/25/07

Writer: Joshua Hamilton

Cast: Joe Alaskey, Dee Bradley Baker, Greg Baldwin, Jack DeSena, Zach Tyler Eisen, Jessie Flower, Mae Whitman

Director: Giancarlo Volpe