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While sitting around telling ghost stories, Toph reports that she can hear people screaming from the mountain, freaking everyone out. Just then, an old lady named Hama appears and offers the kids a room for the night, which they happily accept.

Hama explains that people have gone missing during full moons in the past, and that the children should be careful. Sokka figures it could be the work of an angry spirit, and recruits Aang and Toph to help him investigate. When Hama leaves her inn to run an errand, Sokka uses the absence to snoop around, disappointing Katara. He finds a box and is about to open it when Hama returns, and she opens it for them, revealing her whale tooth comb and her secret past as a member of the Southern Water Tribe.

She knows Katara and Sokka are members as well, having overheard their stories in the woods, and shows them that she is also a Waterbender, possibly the only one left after the Southern Raiders abducted every single one from their tribe. Katara tells her that she's a Waterbender too, and Hama decides to teach Katara everything she knows about Waterbending to keep the Southern tribe's traditions alive.

Hama employs many tactics to Waterbend in any environment, showing Katara how to extract water from the flowers on the ground, though in doing so she kills the plant life. She has one technique left that she can only show Katara during the next full moon, but Katara worries about the disappearances, to which Hama responds that between the two of them, they should be able to stand up to any threat.

That night, Sokka and the others manage to catch up to an old man just as everyone's boarding up their homes, and he tells them how his body was once possessed and drove him toward the mountain, only stopping once daylight came. Toph remembers the screams she heard, and ushers everyone toward the mountain, where they find a cave full of prisoners. Toph Metalbends them free, and they announce they were actually captured by Hama, so Sokka and Aang bolt to help Katara while Toph leads the prisoners to safety.

Hama tells Katara the remainder of her story, how she escaped from the Fire Nation prison by using her Waterbending at the peak time of the month, and controlling the fluids inside the guard's body and forcing him to unlock her cell. She has since gained revenge on the Fire Nation by kidnapping people and forcing them into a prison like she had to endure, and tells Katara that she needs revenge for her mother's death by learning Bloodbending. Katara refuses, so Hama attacks her, but with the full moon out, Katara proves too strong. Aang and Sokka show up to help, but they become Hama's tools, Bloodbending them to fight Katara and then each other. When Sokka is about to stab Aang, Katara has no choice but to Bloodbend Hama, regrettably giving in to the old lady's wish. The townspeople arrive and have Hama arrested, but she just laughs madly as she's taken away.

Episode: Chapter Eight - "The Puppetmaster"

Air date: 10/25/07

Writer: Tim Hedrick

Cast: Dee Bradley Baker, Jack DeSena, Zach Tyler Eisen, Jessie Flower, Salome Jens, Peter Jessop, Stu Levin, Tress MacNeille, Jim Meskimen, Mae Whitman

Director: Joaquim Dos Santos