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With the eclipse mere days away, Aang begins to panic, having nightmare after nightmare every time he goes to sleep. His friends try to help, Katara through a hot spring, Sokka through talk therapy and Toph through Earthbending massage, but nothing works. After his worst nightmare yet, Aang announces that he won't sleep at all until the invasion.

Menawhile, Zuko hears about a war meeting and becomes upset that he wasn't invited. He asks Azula about why she was, and she tells him that everyone assumed he'd be coming, but he doesn't give in to the temptation. When the next meeting is held, he's formally invited, and sits by his father's side, though afterward he feels a push and pull, having finally felt respected while at the same time feeling inauthentic.

After a horrendous lack of sleep, Aang begins hallucinating, seeing Appa and Momo talk and battle each other in samurai attire, then Guru Pathik having a bunch of arms and singing. The others make Aang a bed of wool sheared from the nearby koala-sheep, and urge him to sleep, but he still feels unprepared for the invasion. When they comfort him by reminding him that he's been training for this day since they all met, he takes it into consideration and rests. His recurring nightmare then becomes triumphant, signaling that he's ready for what comes next.

Episode: Chapter Nine - "Nightmares and Daydreams"

Air date: 10/26/07

Writer: John O'Bryan

Cast: Dee Bradley Baker, Dante Basco, Grey DeLisle, Jack DeSena, Zach Tyler Eisen, Jessie Flower, Brian George, Mark Hamill, Cricket Leigh, Mae Whitman

Director: Ethan Spaulding