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The group reaches the Western Air Temple, and decides on their next course of action with their friends imprisoned. One idea is to continue Aang's training, but Aang explains that he doesn't have a Firebending teacher, rendering that plan useless. Deflated, he flies off to think, and when everyone follows him, they all discover Zuko's hot air balloon.

Zuko explains that he wants to join their effort, but no one trusts his words after all he's done to them. Zuko covers by admitting that he freed Appa from Lake Laogai, but then buries himself when he spills that he hired the assassin to kill Aang, and Katara attacks him to make him leave.

Back at his campsite, Zuko stews over having failed so miserably to endear himself to the others, and Toph arrives to give him a chance. However, he doesn't know who's coming, and Firebends in self-defense which burns Toph's feet. She freaks out and crawls away from him while he profusely apologizes, but she refuses to accept his help.

When Toph returns to the others, they notice her injury and demand Zuko be brought to justice. Just then, Combustion Man reaches their location and attacks. Zuko decommissions him, but he completely ignores the prince and continues his rampage, now including Zuko in it. Sokka takes cover, and notices the angle of the blasts, so he throws his boomerang to curve at that angle, and lands a direct hit on Combustion Man's forehead, disabling his Firebending. When the assassin attempts to Firebend again, he strains himself and causes an explosion that kills him.

With the crisis averted, Aang thanks Zuko for helping to save them. Zuko apologizes again for burning Toph, noting the danger of Firebending, reminding Aang of the words Jeong Jeong gave him, so he agrees to accept Zuko as his Firebending teacher as long as everyone else is comfortable with it. Toph agrees for the haphazard nature of her injury, Sokka agrees for the sake of the world, and Katara agrees for the sake of Aang. But she lets him know that she's been taken in by his kind side before, and she'll be watching him closely.

Episode: Chapter Twelve - "The Western Air Temple"

Air date: 12/14/07

Writers: Elizabeth Welch Ehasz, Tim Hedrick

Cast: Dee Bradley Baker, Greg Baldwin, Dante Basco, Jack DeSena, Michael Dow, Zach Tyler Eisen, Jessie Flower, Daniel Samonas, Nick Swoboda, Mae Whitman

Director: Ethan Spaulding