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The group is awakened by a bombing on the temple from Fire Nation airships, Azula having come to destroy the final hurdle in the Fire Lord's path. Zuko engages her in battle while everyone escapes, but Appa refuses to enter the tunnel Toph and Haru create to sneak them out, so Aang takes Katara, Sokka, Toph and Suki with him and flies off on Appa while the others take the tunnel and get away on the stolen airship. Zuko and Azula blow each other off of her airship, Appa catching Zuko and Azula grabbing the cliffside.

Once far enough away, everyone rests and reflects on the day. Katara's in no celebratory mood, coming down on Zuko unnecessarily, so he asks her what's going on. She still feels betrayed by him for turning on her in Ba Sing Se, and he pledges to do whatever he can to make it up to her, but the only thing she wants is her mother back for what the Fire Nation did to her. After getting some details on the incident from Sokka, Zuko figures out where he might find the men responsible, and invites Katara for a chance at revenge.

They journey to a Fire Nation outpost where all naval vessel information is held, and find where the Southern Raiders are stationed. Once there, Katara washes everyone overboard and confronts the captain, who isn't the man she remembers from that day. The captain thinks quickly and tells them where to find the previous commanding officer, Yon Rha.

Now retired, Yon Rha is a simple man caring for his mother. Katara and Zuko ambush him on the way home from the market, where Katara makes him relive the events of the day he killed her mother, and reveals that she was the Waterbender he was after all along, by forming the falling rain into ice darts she aims at him. He apologizes and begs to be spared, going so far as to offer his own mother's life so they're even. Witnessing such cowardice, Katara realizes that he's too pathetic for her to renounce her principles over.

Katara and Zuko rejoin the group, where she decides that although she can never forgive Yon Rha for his ill deeds, she can still forgive Zuko for his.

Episode: Chapter Sixteen - "The Southern Raiders"

Air date: 7/17/08

Writer: Elizabeth Welch Ehasz

Cast: Dee Bradley Baker, Dante Basco, Tim Dang, Grey DeLisle, Jack DeSena, Zach Tyler Eisen, Jessie Flower, Jennie Kwan, Bonnie McNeil, Andre Sogliuzzo, Mae Whitman

Director: Joaquim Dos Santos