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Azula prepares for her coronation ceremony, being bathed and groomed by her servants. When one offers her something to eat, she believes it could be poisoned, and banishes the poor maiden for unproven treachery. Azula later holds a meeting with the Dai Li that they do not arrive exactly on time for, making her think they had just been conspiring against her the same way they once conspired against Long Feng, and banishes them as well. Lo and Li show concern for her paranoia, which only earns one of them banishment right along with everyone else. Azula goes to be alone, where she hallucinates her mother telling her that using intimidation to get her way all these years has made her unable to trust anyone, bringing her to tears.

With the Fire Nation airships having already taken off, Toph uses her Earthbending to get everyone on board one of the vessels. Sokka sneaks around and grabs the microphone, ordering the crew to the bomb bay, where he drops them all harmlessly into the ocean. He then speeds the ship to catch up to Ozai, where he finds the Phoenix King's ship being brought down by Aang, so he sets to work crashing their ship into the remaining fleet. The impact breaks the ship apart, where Sokka and Toph lose track of Suki in the chaos.

As the coronation ceremony takes place, Zuko and Katara arrive just before Azula is crowned. Annoyed with her brother's interference, she challenges him to an Agni Kai, hoping to use his honor to bar Katara from helping. Sensing her mental instability, Zuko agrees to the duel, and the two use Sozin's Comet to put on an incredible show of force, with neither side showing any sign of weakness or letting up. Zuko dares Azula to use her lightning on him, but as she charges up a bolt, she notices Katara watching and fires at her instead, which Zuko quickly steps in front of before he can redirect it, leaving him clinging to life. Katara rushes to his aid, but is intercepted by Azula, still eager for an opponent.

Aang and Ozai's grand showdown finally begins, with the Phoenix King launching awe-inspiring Firebending attacks that the Avatar is just barely able to counter using all four elements. Ozai employs a new tactic by Lightningbending, with Aang dodging each bolt until he uses the redirection technique Zuko taught him, surprising Ozai, but he just shoots it into the sky to avoid lethal force. Ozai sees an opening, and his next attack forces Aang to lose his footing and fall off the mountain, just saving himself before Ozai reaches him. Aang encases himself in rock to shield himself from what Ozai declares to be his end.

Episode: Chapter Twenty - "Sozin's Comet, Part 3: Into the Inferno"

Air date: 7/19/08

Writers: Aaron Ehasz, Mike Dante DiMartino, Bryan Konietzko

Cast: Dee Bradley Baker, Greg Baldwin, Dante Basco, Victor Brandt, Jen Cohn, Grey DeLisle, Jack DeSena, Zach Tyler Eisen, Takayo Fisher, Jessie Flower, Mark Hamill, Jennie Kwan, Andre Sogliuzzo, Mae Whitman, Keone Young

Director: Joaquim Dos Santos