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Nationality: Fire Nation

Abilities: Firebending, Lightningbending

Job History: Princess of the Fire Nation

Relationships: Daughter of Ozai and Ursa, sister of Fire Lord Zuko and Kiyi, niece of Iroh

Character History: The Last Airbender

Issue Appearances: "The Promise - Part Three"
"The Search - Part One"
"The Search - Part Two"
"The Search - Part Three"

After Zuko's attempts to find out what became of his mother following her exile proved fruitless, he resorted to the last measure he had remaining, and ushered his mentally unstable sister to gain the information from their father. She did as requested, but retained every bit of the nasty attitude her brother had come to know and loathe.

Once escaping her bonds, she burned the evidence Zuko needed to possibly find his mother, having already read it herself so that Zuko would have no choice but to give in to her every demand. She joined Zuko on the journey to their mother's hometown of Hira'a, though Azula's reason for coming along was actually so she could find out how her mother had been communicating with her enemies, a complete delusion on her part.

Once meeting the Mother of Faces and finally gaining her mother's location, she confronted an oblivious woman with no memory of her daughter, but still showed the warmth of the one she'd always known, angering and confusing her even more. She ran off on her own, with neither her mother or her brother knowing where she'd gone.