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Nationality: Fire Nation

Job History: Actor, director of the Hira'a Acting Troupe

Relationships: Husband of Ursa, father of Kiyi

Issue Appearances: "The Search - Part One"
"The Search - Part Two"
"The Search - Part Three"

A plucky young actor who was once head over heels in love with the magistrate's daughter, but she was taken away by the Fire Lord before they were to be married. Ikem risked his life by stopping their coach and attacking their guards, but Ursa stopped him before he was harmed. She warned him to forget about her, and after she was gone, he lost his ability to go on, so he journeyed deep into the Forgetful Valley to live the rest of his days as a hermit.

After a few years, he witnessed the appearance of the Wolf Spirit, which meant the Mother of Faces couldn't be far behind. The legend told that she would be able to give him a new face, which he desperately desired to rebuild his life, tired of the Hira'a townspeople taking pity on him for losing Ursa. The Mother of Faces gave him his wish, and he returned home a new man with a new name, Noren.

He returned to the theatre he left behind, invigorating the tradition of the arts that had all but died in his village. After Ursa had been banished from the royal capital, she revisited the theatre, where she recognized Noren's name from one of the many plays she'd been in. He admitted the truth, that he was her long-lost love Ikem, and that she could have a new life as well, the one they almost had together. She accepted his offer, and they lived happily for many years.