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Nationality: Fire Nation

Abilities: Firebending, Lightningbending, lightning redirection, tea making

Job History: Owner of the Jasmine Dragon tea shop, interim Fire Lord of the Fire Nation

Relationships: Brother of Fire Lord Ozai, son of Fire Lord Azulon, grandson of Fire Lord Sozin, father of Lu Ten, uncle of Zuko and Azula

Character History: The Last Airbender
The Legend of Korra

Issue Appearances: "The Promise - Part One"
"The Promise - Part Three"
"The Search - Part One"

In the time since the war's end, Iroh has enjoyed exactly what he intended to, serving tea and playing Pai Sho every day. It was this bliss that Zuko felt inconsiderate to interrupt, so he chose to deal with the pressures of being Fire Lord by himself. Once the events of the Harmony Restoration Movement moved him ever closer to becoming like his father, he decided to confide in his wise uncle again, which Iroh wished he'd have done from the start.

So, when Zuko wishes to go on a hunt to find his mother, and hopefully bring him the inner peace he's been missing for as long as he can remember, Iroh agrees to fulfill his nephew's duties as Fire Lord in his absence. His first bright idea is to institute a national tea appreciation day, so more people will fill their hands with nutrition than with weapons.