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Nationality: Southern Water Tribe

Abilities: Waterbending, Plantbending, Bloodbending, healing

Relationships: Daughter of Hakoda and Kya, sister of Sokka, granddaughter of Kanna, girlfriend of Aang, good friend of Toph and Zuko

Character History: The Last Airbender
The Legend of Korra

Issue Appearances: All

Having finally decided to pursue a relationship with Aang, it's met with some internal hurdles along the way. When she met the Official Avatar Aang Fan Club, she was a bit jealous of all the attention Aang got from their thoroughly female constituency, and her heart ached when she saw what the Harmony Restoration Movement was doing to families, thinking of the family she and Aang would one day have, being from different nations themselves.

But she stuck by Aang's side throughout everything, whether it be fighting off Zuko's guards when they attacked him, or telling Aang to find himself in order to end the upcoming war in Yu Dao. When Earth King Kuei began to show anxiety over entering his first battlefield, Katara was the one to show him exactly what it was he was commanding be destroyed in the name of peace.