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Kori Morishita

Nationality: Yu Dao

Abilities: Earthbending

Relationships: Daughter of Mayor and Mrs. Morishita, girlfriend of Sneers

Issue Appearances: "The Promise - Part One"
"The Promise - Part Two"
"The Promise - Part Three"

Quite possibly the proudest citizen in the entire colony of Yu Dao, most likely due to her being born to the mayor. When the conflict presented by the Harmony Restoration Movement was discovered, she was the first to speak out that Yu Dao had no side, believing it to be just as much Earth Kingdom as it was Fire Nation.

Her passion often showed itself with exhibitions of brute force, once attempting to murder Fire Lord Zuko for supporting the deportation of Fire Nation colonials. Once Zuko allowed her to return home, she rallied fellow enthusiasts to form a resistance against abandoning the colony, and trained them for the inevitable battles that would follow.

While she had fallen in love with Sneers, one of the Freedom Fighters, she did not hesitate to remind him that if he chose his friends over her, their relationship would end. Her heritage comes first.