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Nationality: Fire Nation

Abilities: Firebending, Lavabending, Airbending, Waterbending, Earthbending

Relationships: Husband of Ta Min, father of Rina, good friend of Fire Lord Sozin, good friend of Gyatso, student of Sud, student of Kaja, grandfather of Ursa, great-grandfather of Zuko and Azula

Character History: The Last Airbender

Issue Appearances: "The Promise - Part One"
"The Promise - Part Three"
"The Rift - Part Three"

After having many councils with Aang over the Hundred Year War, Roku's distress over not having put a permanent stop to Sozin's plans began to turn into resolve. When the Harmony Restoration Movement convinced Aang, and even Zuko himself that history was repeating itself, and the Fire Nation was lording its power over everyone else, Roku told Aang with no qualms that he would have to kill Zuko in order to achieve the true peace they'd both longed for.

Aang carried this burden with a heavy heart, and after a lot of thinking, he decided once more to seek Roku's guidance when push had finally come to shove. Roku asked the young Airbender to contemplate the world, which Aang took to mean that he needed to preserve all he could, seeing the faces of his friends in the faces of every nation, and he used his Avatar powers to segregate Yu Dao and declare it its own nation. Aang returned to Roku with the mentor very upset that he avoided the same difficult decision he had once upon a time, but Aang's positive outlook on life was not something he would be willing to change, so he ripped the Fire Nation talisman from his beaded necklace and burned it, severing his astral link with Roku forever.