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Nationality: Southern Water Tribe

Abilities: Technical knowledge, strategic planning, swordsmanship, motivational bending

Job History: Teacher's aid

Relationships: Son of Hakoda and Kya, brother of Katara, grandson of Kanna, good friend of Toph and Aang, boyfriend of Suki, student of Piandao

Character History: The Last Airbender

Issue Appearances: All

Now playing witness to the relationship between Katara and Aang, Sokka began feeling increasingly uncomfortable playing the long-standing third wheel. So, during the migration of the Fire Nation from Yu Dao, Sokka pulled out to visit Toph's school for a break from what he deemed the "oogies".

Once there, Toph nearly exploded up against Kunyo, the original owner of her school before the Harmony Restoration Movement forced him out. Sokka compromised with them by having each master's class do battle instead, but Toph's students weren't nearly ready for them. Sokka then implemented both the direct method of showing them how to channel mental and physical energies, and when that didn't work, tried to scare them into their untapped potential through a well-designed winged boar suit that now serves as a statue outside the Beifong Metalbending Academy.

Sokka's true worth got to show once again when Suki brought them in to help stave off the war in Yu Dao, where he came up with a plan to have Toph Metalbend the screws of Zuko's tanks loose so that they'd all fall apart surreptituously and simultaneously. He's not the idea guy for nothing.