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Toph Beifong

Nationality: Earth Kingdom

Abilities: Earthbending, Metalbending, Sandbending, sensory sight, enhanced hearing

Job History: Founder of the Beifong Metalbending Academy

Relationships: Daughter of Lao and Poppy Beifong, good friend of Aang, Sokka and Katara, sifu of Ho Tun, Penga and The Dark One

Character History: The Last Airbender

Issue Appearances: "The Promise - Part One"
"The Promise - Part Two"
"The Promise - Part Three"
"The Rift - Part One"
"The Rift - Part Two"
"The Rift - Part Three"

After having taught Aang the art of Earthbending, and discovering the art of Metalbending, Toph realized a calling to teach the world her new skill, as well as get to yell at whoever she wanted. In order to find the proper candidates, she found out that her space bracelet would vibrate whenever she was around those unconsciously moving it, coming down to three young outcasts from society she would eventually deem the "Lily Livers".

As her faith in the trio slowly slipped away, she took an opportunity to give them a break when Aang and the others flew by during the Harmony Restoration Movement. She kept the rowdy crowds against Fire Nation occupation at bay while Aang and Zuko talked things through, then headed back to find the Fire Nation had taken over her school, which was actually a Firebending academy before the Harmony Restoration Movement began. So, to settle things, her students would take on the training Firebenders.

After trying everything she could to get her ragtag pupils in line, she eventually realized that she was forcing them to be something they couldn't be, which reminded her of when her parents forced her to be a pampered socialite, something she wasn't. Having overheard that, her students were encouraged that someone in their lives finally saw greatness in them, and that faith awakened their Metalbending abilities.