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Ty Lee

Nationality: Fire Nation

Abilities: Chi blocking, gymnastics

Job History: Kyoshi Warrior, circus acrobat

Relationships: Good friend of Mai, Zuko and Suki

Character History: The Last Airbender

Issue Appearances: "The Promise - Part One"
"The Search - Part One"

When Mai called her in to help keep watch over Zuko, she was happy to oblige. She was personally placed outside Zuko's bedroom alongside their leader Suki.

When Zuko decided to have Azula speak with their father regarding their mother, Ty Lee had serious reservations, knowing how treacherous Azula could be. Zuko tried giving her tea to break the ice, but she attacked him even while being restrained with a straitjacket, forcing Ty Lee to chi block her. Azula, not in her right mind, wondered how her mother had convinced everyone not to be afraid of her anymore, but Ty Lee admitted that she's still afraid of her.